Tim Allen Revisits One of Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor’s Iconic ‘Home Improvement’ Quotes

by Megan Molseed

Tim Allen has been a big part of some of pop-cultures biggest hits. The longtime actor and comedian portrays the iconic spaceman Buzz Lightyear in the famous Disney Toy Story films. Allen has also stepped up to portray the north pole’s head elf…Santa in the Santa Clause film franchise. However, one of Tim Allen’s most iconic roles is the one that turned the actor into a household name. This, of course, is the role of Home Improvement’s Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.

This ABC TV sitcom series was one of the most popular sitcoms of its day. In the series, Allen portrays Tim Taylor a family man who spends his days hosting Tool Time, the DIY talk show within a show. And, Tim Allen knew exactly how to make this role his own through his numerous talents, giving Taylor some hilariously endearing quirks. Among these is the Tool Man’s penchant for hilariously random quotes. And, Allen took us back to the Home Improvement heydays recently with a Tweet quoting his former sitcom counterpart.

Tim Allen Gives Fans A Blast From The Past, Quoting His Famous Home Improvement Character

In a recent tweet, Tim Allen channels his best Tim “The Toolman” Taylor offering advice like only his Home Improvement counterpart can. It’s a bit of inspiration from the fictional DIY television show host!

“Aim where you want to go,” Tim Allen writes in the Wednesday, July 20 message.

“{N}ot where you don’t want to be,” the star adds, noting that this quote is one voiced by the “Toolman” himself.

Why Is Tim Allen’s Tool Man So Fond Of Grunting?

Another one of the unique comedy touches that Tim Allen brought to his famous Home Improvement character is the Tool Man’s well-timed and hilarious grunts. Whether the character was recklessly wielding a power tool, feeling happiness, or simply hungry or tired, fans of the series would often hear Tim Taylor’s trademark grunting. In fact, the classic grunt is even part of the show’s opening sequence. So, where did this iconic character quirk come from?

Years before Tim Allen took on the small screen in Home Improvement, Allen had already started to develop the popular character. In 1990 the comedian was performing his standup special Tim Allen: Men are Pigs for Showtime. It was in this bit that Allen performed a bit detailing how men are very similar to apes. The bit, Allen explains was born from a frustration he felt during one stand-up show. The crowd wasn’t paying attention to the act. So, the comedian decided to take on a new approach.

“Out of frustration, I started grunting parts of the transitions between observation so they would better understand my stories,” Allen recalls in a 2017 interview with the Detroit Comedy Scene.

“And for a spell, they actually got really responsive,” the comedian quips. “I never forgot this moment.”