Tim Allen Sparks Memories of Forgotten ’90s Film With Epic Photo

by Alex Falls

Tim Allen rose to fame in the 90s as the star of the hit TV show Home Improvement. His time as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor put the comedian on the map. It also launched a successful career spanning many film roles. He appeared in many popular roles during the era including Toy Story, The Santa Clause, and Galaxy Quest.

Allen recently took to Twitter post a pic that fans hoped was a tease for a potential return of an often forgotten comedy in his filmography. Jungle 2 Jungle was released in 1997. Despite a tepid critical response at the time, it now holds a cult following from nostalgic viewers who grew up during Allen’s heyday.

Allen simply captioned the photo, “Moved again.” So there’s no indication of what’s actually behind the post yet. However, one of his followers hopes its a sign that a sequel to Jungle 2 Jungle could be coming together.

“Filming Jungle 2 Jungle 2?” asked the inquisitive fan. Other fans just noted how quaint the setting looks. “Serene” one user commented and “Looks peaceful” said another.

The so-called Jungle 2 Jungle 2 has never been announced or publically acknowledged. But fans can dream. Hopefully, someday they’ll get their wish and see their favorite obscure 90s comedy return in the age of streaming and constant sequels and reboots.

Tim Allen’s Most Recent Show

While Jungle 2 Jungle 2 seems like a pipe dream, fans of Allen’s work will be interested to see him return to the world of tools with his most recent TV show, More Power.

Each episode features a different tool or everyday object that helps life go round. Allen then takes the object to the limit just as Tim Taylor would on Tool Time. “I like to see where the edge is. When there’s a big red button that says “Do not touch,’ I right away go to touch it,” he joked to TV Insider.

To hammer the connection to Tool Time home, Tim Allen also brings viewers into the More Power workshop. He and co-host Richard Karn invite some of the country’s most skilled makers to show off their impressive builds. “We share a great appreciation of people who can solve a problem not by talking about it, but by ‘doing’ it with creativity and amazing skills,” Allen said.

Bringing Back a Fan Favorite

Although fans might have to wait for the Jungle 2 Jungle sequel, another one of Allen’s characters is set to make a comeback. He’ll be reprising his role as Scott Calvin/Santa Clause in a new sequel series, The Santa Clauses.

On the brink of his 65th birthday, Calvin finds himself facing a crisis. Not only is Calvin slowing down a bit, he realizes his family would benefit from time away from the North Pole. Calvin decides he should rejoin the real world. He sets out to find a new candidate to wear the red suit.

The new series is currently in production and is set to stream exclusively on Disney+ in Fall 2022.