Tim Allen Speaks Out About the Current State of Comedy

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

When it comes to comedy, Tim Allen has had his foot on the pulse of the industry for a long, long time. These days, Allen is taking a look back in order to offer up some words about the current state of comedy. Allen got his career started back in the 1970s so he does have some perspective to offer.

Recently, Allen talked with Fox News Digital about why he wanted to get started in the comedy industry. Also, how in the world does he approach his shows today? “I got into this business because of my college attraction to Lenny Bruce and eventually late college I saw Richard Pryor in concert and George Carlin,” Allen said. “You never thought of what they were doing as infuriating people to make them laugh.”

Tim Allen Points Out Comedy Kings Could Not Tell Their Jokes In 2022

Allen said comedians like Pryor, Carlin, and Bruce probably could not tell their jokes in 2022. “Nowadays, you know, I don’t think they would be allowed to say that. So, that’s the saddest thing in the world to me. That everything is OK as long as I’m not being offended,” he said.

The actor-comedian did note that instead of people “just not listening or walking away” they tend to take to social media and “tear somebody up” because they are “tolerant.” “Sometimes I find it so funny,” Allen said of the “tolerance” seen in comedy today. “I’m a very tolerant person except for people that disagree with me.”

Allen, who starred in Toy Story, shared that comedy is about the idea of “to exaggerate to clarify.” “That’s what I do – is I lie to tell the truth,” Allen said of his jokes. “That’s what comedy is about. You’re overextending yourself so that people go, ‘S–t, that is weird.'” He also said that the backlash some comics have faced recently could be a “phase.”

“I believe it’s a phase because my touring has been the same. I don’t get anybody, hopefully, getting mad enough to hurt me or yell out screaming in my big concerts,” Allen said. He is still on the road, touring, and doing stand-up comedy shows. Allen said that it has never been his intent to “hurt” any of his fans, Fox News reports.

“Comedy isn’t about hurting people, it’s herding – get everybody together to laugh at this thing,” he said. Allen adds, “If you get hurt by it, that’s unfortunate. That’s never my intent.” Allen said that he is also upfront with his audiences and shares his “intentions” with them before performing on stage.