Tim Allen Trends on Twitter as ‘Lightyear’ Casting Debate Gets Heated

by Shelby Scott

Before Disney’s Lightyear premiered on last month, Toy Story fans were already up in arms that the famous space ranger would not be voiced by his original character actor, Tim Allen. Instead, Disney replaced the Home Improvement star with one of Marvel Comics’ biggest actors, Chris Evans. Lightyear flopped in the box office opening to what outlets have deemed an “underwhelming” $50.6 million. Now, coming out of its third weekend, Tim Allen is trending on Twitter with the buzz around Lightyear growing more and more heated.

Tom Hanks Speaks Out About Allen’s Lack of Involvement in ‘Lightyear’

One of the most prominent critics of Lightyear is probably Tim Allen’s Toy Story costar Tom Hanks, who voiced the toy cowboy Woody in the original film series. Of the Home Improvement star’s lack of involvement in Lightyear, Hanks said, “they didn’t let Tim Allen do [Buzz’s voice]. I don’t understand that.”

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Hanks’ response came when he was asked whether it would feel “strange” to compete against a Buzz film. Hanks is currently seeing praise after starring in. Baz Luhrmann’s massively successful Elvis Presley biopic, Elvis.

“How about that?” he replied. “Actually, I wanted to go head-to-head with Tim Allen,” however, that was cut short when Disney cast Chris Evans instead.

Others highlighted the importance of not casting Tim Allen to play Buzz in Lightyear.

In response to Tom Hanks’ critique, one Twitter user wrote, “it would not make any damn sense [for Tim Allen to voice Buzz Lightyear], why is it so hard for people to understand?”

They explained that Lightyear‘s Buzz is much younger than the character we originally met in Toy Story. As such, it didn’t make sense for Allen to voice the character. They explained, “The Buzz in LIGHTYEAR is young and not being the toy aside, a space captain whos probably in their 30’s shouldn’t sound like a 70y/o Tim Allen.”

Others argued, “Tim Allen has sounded the same since Tool Time.”

Whatever side of the argument you back, it seems that if you intend to take part in the Lightyear debate, you better be prepared to defend your stance.

Tim Allen Says ‘Lightyear’ Has Little to Do with ‘Toy Story’

Tom Hanks isn’t the only big-name actor casting doubt on Lightyear‘s success. Ahead of the holiday weekend, Allen himself spoke out about Lightyear‘s production and his critique is pretty brutal.

In conversation with Extra, Allen said the new film features “a whole new team that really had nothing to do with the first movies.”

However, that wasn’t exactly what ruined the new film for the More Power star. Tim Allen further said that without Hanks’ Woody, there is no real Buzz Lightyear. In conclusion, he said, “It just doesn’t seem to have any connection to the toy.”