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Tim Allen Tweets About Elon Musk and ‘the Tesla Fart App’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Like many people, Tim Allen has been watching the business that’s been going on with Elon Musk and Twitter this week. The comedian took to, where else, Twitter and shared some thoughts about the situation. There’s a lot to keep track of these days.

Tim Allen Offers Up New Business Idea For Elon Musk To Consider

Allen writes, “I wonder if Mr Musk with add the Tesla fart app in this beast? Better yet in the spacesuits. Nothing like a fart in a spacesuit.” What would the “Tesla fart app” be like as the astronauts head up to space? We don’t know but one could put together a sound and even a possible smell from that application. After all, Elon Musk loves to deal with technology and he might need something new to tackle in the coming days. Twitter cannot keep his attention all the time as the businessman and entrepreneur is always looking for the next big thing to tackle.

As for Tim Allen, he’s back out on the comedy tour circuit with his stand-up routine. One fan replies to the tweet, “To infinity and beyond!” Another fan writes, “Beam me up Farty!” This one says, “Elon should add a ‘To infinity…and beyond!’ button to the console of each rocket, using your voice. Imagine how many times that button would be pressed.” Imagine having the voice of Tim Allen as part of your very own space trip. That sounds like a winning combination: Elon and Buzz Lightyear.

Comedian Expresses His Disgust Over Ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Recently, Allen called the Russian military cowards. “The definition of cowardly human waste: the Russian military,” he wrote on Twitter. Allen is commenting on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine at this time. Allen also calls this situation “the definition of wrong.” “My mind and body are full of anger and disgust at the coward putin ghouls that have attacked a sovereign country,” Allen writes. “This is the definition of wrong. My head, heart, and soul pray for the people of Ukraine. F-putin.”

The comic was good friends with Bob Saget, who sadly died in the past few months. Allen would mourn his “great friend” on social media. “Terribly sad news great friend, great comedian and wonderful man Bob Saget passed,” Allen sent out in a tweet. “Hit me hard. Prayers and my open heart to his family.” We’ll be keeping track to see if Tim Allen offers any more new words to Elon Musk about business opportunities. They just might even work together. Buzz and Elon. There you go.