Tim Allen’s Latest Tweet Has the Internet All Kinds of Fired Up

by Samantha Whidden

Although he’s always up for a laugh, Last Man Standing star Tim Allen’s latest joke on Twitter has the internet all kinds of fired up.

In his latest tweet, Tim Allen took a shot at President Joe Biden, who recently had an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes. “Biden was on 60 minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was.” 

Tim Allen, who has never been shy about his expressing his conservative political views, received some pushback from fellow Twitter users. Some critics even note that 60 Minutes isn’t actually 60 minutes long. “60 Minutes is 43 minutes long, my dude,” one critic shared. Another tweeted, “Based on my calculations, the show is an hour longer than your career now.” 

Some social media users got a little personal about the Santa Clause star’s tweet, refreshing everyone that Allen was arrested back in the 70s for coke possession. “Tim Allen was caught with 1.4 pounds of coke. I heard he asked how many people had to snitch on to only serve 2 years in prison. Answer: Tim tattled on 20.” 

However, while most of Twitter wasn’t necessarily thrilled about the post, others found it amusing. One user shared, “You will forever be my favorite comedian. You’re the best.” 

Another user urged everyone to just relax and enjoy the joke. “Imagine not being able to laugh at a joke. Y’all in the comments have serious issues.” 

Tim Allen Previously Called out the Biden Administration For Afghanistan Withdrawal

In August 2021, Tim Allen had a few words to say about the Biden Administration after what he called a ”catastrophic lack of planning” in regard to the Afghanistan withdrawal. 

While sharing his condolences to the families of the military personnel who died in an attack on the Kabul International Airport and Baron Hotel, Tim Allen tweeted, “Darkness fills my head and heart at the loss of our Marines. All of us are adrift in the wake of ignorant leadership and catastrophic lack planning. Deep prayers to all the families that lost so much and to all those struggling to leave.” 

Tim Allen continued to criticize the Biden Administration for the withdrawal by stating the operation was shameful and unfocused. “I sit with a deep sense of shame for the consequences of this unfocused shameful exit from Afghanistan. So sad at our blood and treasure who lost life and limb. Forgive the rest of us for not demanding more of your leadership. Bless you, all brave warriors.” 

The response of the Biden Administration’s withdrawal effort came just after 13 American service members were killed in Afghanistan. The terrorist organization ISIS took responsibility for the attacks on both the Kabul International Airport and the nearby hotel.