Tom Arnold Reveals How He Lost 75 Pounds After Suffering Mini-Stroke

by Samantha Whidden

Just six months after experiencing a mini-stroke, actor Tom Arnold reveals how he lost 75 pounds following the medical emergency.

While speaking to PEOPLE, Tom Arnold opened up about the progress he has made in his weight loss journey. The actor notably lost 75lbs since January 2022. He admitted that he struggled by not having any “conscious habits” when it came to eating. “The enemy of success for me was spontaneity with food,” he explained.

Tom Arnold also said that he filmed four movies in Rome in the last year and a half which caused some issues healthwise. “Everybody in Rome goes out and has 5-hour meals, smoking, and drinking, that’s just the lifestyle. I would do well all day, and then I’d go back to my hotel by myself and see the amazing menu, and I’d think, ‘Life is short, what if I never get to eat this authentic Italian food again? This food is my only friend!”

Meanwhile, Tom Arnold explained that he would often dig around the kitchen late at night. “Some days, I would graze all day, on days I would have to film, I might eat 6000 calories at 9 p.m. after a long day of eating nothing… The problem was there wasn’t any structure.”

Tom Arnold Recalls What Happened Leading Up to the Mini Stroke

Everything came to a screeching halt on January 17th, when Tom Arnold experienced the mini-stroke. “I was giving the kids a bath and turned around to count to 10 – it’s what I do to get my kids out of the bathtub – when suddenly my vision in my right eye went black. Like there was a curtain coming down.”

Luckily, parts of his vision came back prior to going to bed that night. But Tom Arnold decided to call his ophthalmologist. One of his doctors later told him that he suffered a mini-stroke. The actor was checked for additional testing. 

“They said I hadn’t had a major stroke and they couldn’t see any problems, but as a 63-year-old single father of a 9 and 6-year-old, it was scary,” Tom Arnold reflected. He then stated that he suffered from massive organ failure two years earlier. “My doctor changed my medication, but I knew I needed to make bigger changes because I really dropped the ball on self-care these last few years.”

Tom Arnold then teamed up with coach Charles D’Angelo to help him lose the weight. “We all know what we need to be doing, but getting yourself to do it can be a different story. Having someone in your corner who cheers you on but also calls you out and challenges you is crucial. Charles has been that for me.”