Tom Cruise Reveals Official Title for Upcoming ‘Mission Impossible’ Sequel

by Taylor Cunningham
tom cruise mission impossible

Tom Cruise’s seventh Ethan Hunt installment finally has a name—Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. And a crowd of people at the CinemaCon trade show was the first to know.

Paramount Pictures made the official announcement on Thursday (April 28) while promoting the film at the annual event for theater owners.

The movie was projected to hit the silver screen this year. But due to COVID-related complications, the studio delayed production. And now, MI7 is set to release on July 14, 2023. Dead Reckoning Part Two should drop on June 28, 2024. And according to Paramount president Brian Robbins, it will be the final Mission: Impossible film.

“After five release dates and a whole bunch of rumors where this movie would end up, we are finally ready to bring this phenomenal movie to where it always belonged,” he said. “And that is your theaters.”

In recent years, there have been several reports that Paramount and Tom Cruise were at odds over Mission: Impossible. Cruise, who serves as a producer for the franchise, is said to reach too far and constantly go over budget during filming. However, all seemed well at CinemaCon.

“The ‘MI’ series really does represent the pinnacle of filmmaking excellence,” Robbins added. “And we have no doubt that this new picture will set the bar even higher.”

Aside from Cruise, the movie also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Cary Elwes, Hayley Atwell, Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby, Angela Bassett, Indira Varma, Rob Delaney, and Charles Parnell.

Tom Cruise Not in Attendance for ‘Mission: Impossible’ Announcement

Unlike most years, Tom Cruise was not in attendance at this year’s CinemaCon. The 59-year-old is usually on-site to promote his action-packed films. But because he’s currently filming MI7, he had to miss the 2022 event.

However, Cruise wasn’t completely absent for the day. He still managed to drop in via video for a “special announcement.”

“Wish I could be there with you,” he shouted to the crowd. “I’m sorry for the extra noise. As you can see, we are filming the latest installment of Mission Impossible.”

In the pre-recorded clip, Cruise spoke while flying a red plane at high speeds. As the camera panned out, it revealed that he was soaring over a canyon in South Africa.

As the audience marveled at the high-end production, another plane appeared next to Cruise and radioed that it was time for him to leave. And as he did, he took the chance to show off Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One’s first trailer. And he also segued into another look at Top Gun: Maverick, which debuts on May 27th.

“Let’s all try to have a great summer,” he added. “See you at the movies!”