Tom Hanks’ 1975 Fiat Is Now Up For Sale: Check Out the Vintage Car’s Features

by Sean Griffin

Tom Hanks’ 1975 Fiat 128 is now up for sale, according to car outlet Silodrome.

Hanks loves classic automobiles and collects many vintage cars. The publication recently featured his Airstream Model 34 and his custom Fj40 Land Cruiser.

However, his 1975 Fiat 128 will surely demand a hefty price tag. The model is most famous for the fact that Enzo Ferrari himself used one as his daily commuter car for decades. Click here to view pictures of Hanks’ vehicle. He used the car in the 2017 film The Post, where Hanks starred as Ben Bradlee, longtime executive director of The Washington Post. Hanks purchased the car after filming.

Silodrome provides readers with quick facts about the Fiat 128.

Firstly, “The Fiat 128 was a revolutionary car for its time, it was fitted with an engine created by former Ferrari engine designer Aurelio Lampredi with the rest of the car designed by the great Dante Giacosa.”

Next, “The lightweight Fiat 128 was designed to be an affordable blue collar car and it succeeded at its task. Over 3,000,000 made in total between 1969 and 2003 when production finally ceased in Yugoslavia.”

Lastly, “Not dissimilar to the British Mini, the Fiat 128 has a transversely-mounted four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels – the layout used on almost all compact cars today.”

Tom Hanks’ most recent film, Elvis, received rave reviews and sold millions in tickets. Keep reading to hear what Hanks had to say about co-star Austin Butler.

Tom Hanks Knew Austin Butler Was Right Choice for ‘Elvis’ Role

Hanks got his film industry start in comedies like Big and A League of Their Own. Hanks, a Hollywood legend and veteran actor, immediately recognized Butler’s talent. He recently talked about how he instantly knew Austin Butler was the right choice for Elvis in the 2022 biopic of the same name.

“It was one of those things Baz does where he recreated a scene for the movie and it was Austin. Except it was Elvis,” Tom Hanks said. “That’s all you could say. That’s the guy.”

Hanks continued, “I told Baz, ‘I’m not saying that’s the guy who should be cast as Elvis, I’m saying that’s Elvis, there’s just no question about it.’”

Furthermore, he continued, talking about Butler’s amazing performance. He said, “Austin found some deep, molecular connection to Elvis, and Baz saw that.”

However, Hanks not only commended Butler’s talent, but also his dedication. “I have to say, you could not take your eyes off of Austin Butler,” Tom Hanks added. “He did not phone in a thing, did not fake a thing, he undeniably went there; the dedication that he gave to [the role] was impressive right off the bat.”