Tom Hanks Calls Out ‘Lightyear’ Over Tim Allen Casting Snub, Social Media Sounds Off

by Sean Griffin

Recently, in an interview with CinemaBlend, Tom Hanks said that he doesn’t know why Tim Allen wasn’t cast in the new Buzz Lightyear movie. The new film, called Lightyear, stars Captain America‘s Chris Evans in the titular role. In the interview clip that has gone viral, Hanks reveals his thoughts.

In the video, the interviewer asks, “Is it going to be strange to be in theaters opposite a Buzz Lightyear film?”

“How about that?” Hanks responds. “Why it’s not…actually I wanted to go head to head with Tim Allen, and they didn’t let Tim Allen do it, I don’t know…I don’t understand that.”

The interviewer and Hanks reference the fact that Hanks’ new movie Elvis runs in theaters at the same time Lightyear does. Tom Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ manager.

The interviewer continues by joking, “It’s that Chris Evans kid.” Hanks laughs and says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.”

However, fans on Twitter were quick to offer takes about Tom Hanks’ thoughts. Here are some reactions:

This fan was quick to point out the differences in the human and toy versions of Buzz Lightyear.

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Tom Hanks Fans Have Mixed Reactions to His Buzz Lightyear Take

One account tweeted, “I saw LightYear. I agree with Tim Allen and Tom Hanks and the OG creators of Toy Story. Why was this movie made? If the goal was to insult the fanbase of one of the most important franchises in cinematic history then job well done.”

Their tweet responded to another user who gushed over the new film. User Joshua Axelrod wrote, “Saw #Lightyear tonight! It was honestly kind of a blast and a weirdly good takedown of toxic masculinity?” Then, they added an anecdote about a cute feline character in the film, Sox.

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean tweeted, “Even ⁦@tomhanks⁩ doesn’t understand why they didn’t hire ⁦@ofctimallen⁩ for that ⁦@PixarsLightyear⁩ movie!!!”

However, another used chimed in on Dean’s thread. They tweeted, “Tim Allen is, right now, working on a different Disney movie. Don’t make trouble where there isn’t any.”

The other Disney film account @LindaQ59 refers to is an upcoming Disney+ miniseries. Tim Allen will soon reprise his role as Scott Calvin, AKA Santa Claus. The Santa Clauses is an upcoming Christmas comedy miniseries based on The Santa Clause film series. The project is set to be released in fall 2022.

While Tim Allen fans won’t see him in Lightyear, they can see him reprise another iconic role with Disney soon.