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Tom Hanks Reveals Movie of His That He Wishes Fans Loved More

by Megan Molseed
Tom Hanks 2002
(Photo by Toni Anne Barson Archive/WireImage)

There is no doubt that longtime actor Tom Hanks remains one of the most prolific names and faces in the movie entertainment industry. Hanks stole the silver screen when he starred in the hit comedy Big back in the 1980s. The award-winning actor took us on some other incredible journeys in films such as Castaway, The Green Mile Forest Gump, and Saving Private Ryan among many others. Tom Hanks even has a legacy in Pixar animation portraying the voice of the iconic cowboy Woody in the Toy Story franchise.

However, there is one film that Tom Hanks wishes had more fanfare. It’s a film that brought him to the big screen in the early 2000s and one that often gets lost in the actor’s incredible silver screen portfolio. The film? 2002’s Road To Perdition. And, Hanks says, he wishes fans loved this film a little more.

Tom Hanks Discusses Road To Perdition And How He Wishes This 2002 Film Received More Love From The Fans

During a discussion about his legacy in Hollywood, the film star says, per Daily Mail, that “for one reason or another, no one references Road to Perdition.” Hanks adds that the lack of recognition this 2002 film gets is strange to him since it “was an incredibly important movie” for him to go through at the time.

While it’s been over a decade now since the A Man Called Otto star’s role in the movie, it’s still one that the actor remembers well. The mobster flick takes place in 1931 with Hanks portraying mon enforcer Michael Sullivan. The film profited well with $183.4M off an $80M budget.

Hanks says that one thing about this film is who costars alongside the star. “You also have two guys who turned out to be two of the biggest motion picture presences in the history of the industry with Jude Law and [Daniel] Craig,” Hanks relates. “And [my character] killed both of [their characters]!”

Tom Hanks didn’t receive any nominations for the role, however, another one of the film’s biggest names pulled in a few nods with their own role. The late Paul Newman portrays John Rooney and he received an Oscar nod as well as a Golden Globe. the late Conrad L. Hall won an Oscar posthumously for best cinematography in Road To Perdition.

“It’s all about logic for me,” Tom Hanks says.

“And the logic of [my character] Michael Sullivan, I think, is impeccable,” the actor explains. “The logic of everything he does and how he says it and how he experiences things and sees them for the first time, that’s high country as far as I’m concerned.”