‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Defends His ‘Magnum PI’ Fashion Choices

by Taylor Cunningham

Tom Selleck is known for a few things, Blue Bloods, Magnum PI, and short shorts. And he’s ready to defend all of those things till his dying day.

Of course, there isn’t much to defend when it comes to his two hit television shows. With two Emmys and 20 years of air time between the two, there is nothing to argue about—his on-screen work has been a monumental success. But when it comes to Magnum PI’s fashion sense, some people have different opinions.

Anyone who has caught even a single episode of the show knows that the detective always paired Hawaiian shirts with shorts that had shockingly high hemlines. We’d say they’re akin to Daisy’s attire in Dukes of Hazzards. But, you know, that was the style in the ’80s. And Tom Selleck is still owning that style in the 2020s.

During a chat with Kelly Clarkson, she couldn’t help but bring up his Magnum PI wardrobe. But she followed up by saying what we’re all thinking. He’s got some “nice legs,” so he pulled off the look.

 “I get a lot of short questions because they’re short,” Selleck responded.

“They were short then, back in the day though,” Kelly replied with a laugh.

And they were. Back in the 1980s and early 90s, men’s shorts were just as revealing as women’s. And apparently, Tom Selleck believes that today’s fashion should still be on par with the retro look—because what’s the point otherwise?

“That’s what shorts are, shorts are shorts,” Selleck noted.

Tom Selleck also admitted that he was really into planning his Thomas Magnum outfit each day. In fact, he would read his scripts in advance just so he could think up the best look to pair with the action.

Tom Selleck Said His ‘Magnum PI’ Look is Making a Comeback

What the 77-year-old star isn’t fond of is today’s baggy apparel. He thinks it’s completely useless and not at all pragmatic.

“And those pajama bottoms that they wore for about the last decade are silly,” he scorned. “You can trip on them,”

In his current show, Tom Selleck is famous for his more debonair style. Commissioner Frank Regan puts on a dapper suit before heading to the NY police department each morning. And the more refined style works for him, too.

But the actor is still missing his old-school clothes from his Magnum days. And, he is excited to report that the look is back on-trend.

“They’re coming back up, look at the basketball players, shorts are coming back to where they’re supposed to be,” he added with a smile.