‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Opens Up About Working on His California Ranch

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Tom Selleck loves to hang out at his ranch in California as it helps the Blue Bloods star recharge his batteries for work. Recently, he talked about working on the ranch in an appearance with music star and talk-show host Kelly Clarkson. Selleck actually got his ranch going years ago when he was finishing up his run on Magnum, P.I. on CBS.

Work On Ranch Is Fun According To Tom Selleck

When asked by Clarkson where his ranch was, Selleck says it is somewhere in Ventura County. Clarkson says that her’s is in Montana. Selleck says that he loves his ranch. When asked if he personally works on the ranch, Selleck says, “Yeah, well, that’s what I do for fun. I work.

“We’ve got a lot of oak trees and I have planted a lot of native oaks,” Selleck says. “We’re pretty green at my place. We’re on well water, we don’t have any city water. And I have this whole family of trees ’cause I’ve been there, oh, 25 years. I have little babies that I just planted and teenagers, and now I got some grown-up trees. And I watch them grow. I can see the little bits of growth,” Selleck says. To which Clarkson says that’s pretty cool.

Actor Offers Up Some Reasons For Long-Term Success of ‘Blue Bloods’

Blue Bloods is a bona fide hit for CBS. Selleck offers up some reasons why he thinks this show has topped the ratings for so long. “Because it’s a character-driven show,” he said in an interview with TV Insider. “The cop drama is a backdrop for the lives of the five main characters. The audience is so in the heads of these characters that the biggest jeopardy in our show is often when one of the relationships in the Irish Catholic family looks like it’s going south.

“For instance, Erin [Bridget Moynahan] and Frank are increasingly in conflict the higher she moves up in the DA’s office,” Selleck says. “The best family dinners are when we argue. When the family gets together, the audience usually knows the character’s problems. So, they’re going, ‘Boy, if he brings that up, that’s not going to sit well with Erin.’ They want the Reagans happy, that’s the key.”

Meanwhile, Selleck always finds a way to be involved in the show’s plots. This is according to what showrunner Kevin Wade says in an interview. “I’d go to him and say, ‘We want to do this. We want to do this kind of story.’ Or, ‘Have you come up against this kind of character?’ And we talk about it, and eventually, we do it.” Blue Bloods airs on Fridays on CBS.