How Much Does ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Make Per Episode?

by Caitlin Berard

Tom Selleck has been appearing on both the big and small screen for nearly 60 years. Since 1965, Tom Selleck has honed his skills, building a resume that makes the Blue Bloods star a hot commodity in Hollywood. And because he’s such a popular actor, producers have no problem whatsoever paying him as such. For each episode of Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck makes $200,000 – that’s about $4 million per season!

Now, that’s a great deal of money. Believe it or not, however, Tom Selleck’s Blue Bloods salary isn’t the most he’s ever made on a TV show. Back in the days of Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck was making half a million dollars every time he filmed an episode. And that was in the ’80s! Today, that amounts to more than $1 million per episode.

Between his Magnum P.I. and Blue Bloods salaries, not to mention the money he’s made in his many other television and movie roles, Tom Selleck has built an incredible net worth over the years. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor is worth about $45 million. And he’s put that fortune to good use!

In the ’80s, Tom Selleck bought a ranch in Ventura, California for around $5 million. Though he enjoys spending time doing farm work to relieve the stresses of Hollywood, his ranch also boasts quite a few luxuries. In addition to a heliport, Tom Selleck’s home has tennis courts, swimming pools, and a golf course.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Reveals His Least Favorite Role

For most, the road to success and fulfillment isn’t a straight one. It’s winding, confusing and it’s not uncommon to have to go backwards a few times before moving forward. Because of that, just about everyone has a job or two in their past that they didn’t feel particularly passionate about, even Tom Selleck.

For the Blue Bloods star, that job was in marketing. Specifically, marketing cigarettes. In a 1982 interview with People, Tom Selleck revealed that he agreed to do Salem billboards for the money, and it’s now his least favorite role. “It was a way of supplementing my income,” Selleck said. “But they were up for four years. And I don’t even smoke.”

Decades later, in 2015, Tom Selleck spoke of the Salem ads again, this time with TV Guide. And his opinion hadn’t changed. “I did a Salem billboard for about 500 bucks and forever since I’ve been called the Marlboro Man,” Selleck recalled.

Tom Selleck added that, although the ads did give him the income boost that he needed, they didn’t push his career along any further. In fact, he risked being pigeonholed as a model rather than an actor by agreeing to the advertisements. “I did commercials and maybe four still-photography jobs to pay the rent,” Selleck said. “But in those days, being known as a male model didn’t help your career.”