Tom Selleck’s Face Has Welcomed People To This Maine Town Since the 90s

by Samantha Whidden

Making sure visitors are greeted by the best of the best, a Maine town has reportedly been welcoming people with a poster of Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck for nearly three decades. 

According to WOKQ, the Tom Selleck poster is seen as a roadside attraction that welcomes visitors along Route 104 to Fairfield Maine. The image features the Blue Blood star in his younger years. Although the poster has been stable for the small Maine town, it is not the original that was put up. As the years went by, the original poster aged. And eventually, the town replaced it with the current poster, which is located on the side of a shed. 

However, the media outlet reports that the property where the shed stands were up for sale earlier this month. The sale is currently pending. The new owner will be responsible for whether or not the Tom Selleck poster’s legacy lives on. 

Tom Selleck Admits His Body Isn’t What It Used to Be 

During a recent interview, Tom Selleck spoke about how his body has been keeping up over the years.

“Well, [my body] lets me down from the point of view that I can’t do, or won’t do, what I used to,” Tom Selleck explained. “You know, my back’s kind of messed up. When you do stunts in movies – I do a lot of them – you’re taking a risk, but you’re also sitting around a lot. So you might do a fight scene and then you sit in your chair and it’s not like you have a personal trainer saying, ‘Okay, we’re ready to go, but Tom needs 10 minutes of stretching and warm-up.” 

Tom Selleck further admitted that there’s a price when it comes to doing stunts. “I see it with my peers, I talk to them sometimes. You just see the price of stunts. They weren’t that hard, but I think it’s the stop-and-go of all that stuff.” 

Meanwhile, Tom Selleck previously stated that when it comes to personal fitness, he rather steer clear of the gym. “I have a 63-acre ranch, and I do not all, but a lot of, the grunt work. Clearing brush, planting trees. We’ve got about a hundred ancient oaks I planted. I’ve probably planted a thousand trees myself.” 

In regards to the future of his acting career, Tom Selleck added, “Every actor I know thinks their last job is their last job. It’s a hell of a way to work, especially when you’ve got forty-eight years in it. I haven’t gotten fired from many jobs, but you finish a job and nine times out of ten you’re just unemployed and you don’t know where the next one is. And that does get old. It’s stressful.”