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Tom Selleck Once Admitted He Was ‘Too Shy’ to Make a Move on Wife Jillie Mack

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

When Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck first laid eyes on his soon-to-be wife Jillie Mack decades ago, he knew there was something special about the dancer and actress. However, even though he is used to being in the spotlight as an actor, Selleck remembers being “too shy” to ask his future wife out on a date at first. In fact, the Three Men and A Baby star says in an interview, it was Jillie Mack who made the first official move after the pair first met.

Tom Selleck Remembers ‘Hemming and Hawing’ While Feeling Too Nervous To As His Wife Out On Their First Date

Tom Selleck first met Jillie Mack – the woman who would become his second wife – backstage after a performance of Cats. Jillie Mack performed in the award-winning production playing the role of Rumpleteazer. And, Selleck remembers he was awe-struck by the actress, wanting to ask her out. However, he just couldn’t find the nerve.

Thankfully, Jillie Mack wasn’t so shy. Selleck remembers Mack deciding to make the first move, asking the actor out for a drink just moments before she was set to go on stage for an evening performance.

“She had to go on [stage],” Tom Selleck recalls in an interview.

“I was hemming and hawing,” the actor recalls of the moment that ended up changing his life. “And she finally asked, ‘Do you want to meet for a cocktail?’” 

Tom Selleck May Be A Ladies Man On Camera, But Behind the Scenes, He Says He’s ‘Somewhat Shy’

It may be surprising to Selleck fans that the smitten actor couldn’t work up the nerve to ask Jillie Mack out right after the two met. However, Selleck says this is quite on-brand for him. Selleck has admitted to being “somewhat shy” while around women. In fact, Selleck says he’s not much “a ladies’ man.”

But Jillie Mack’s move paid off well, and the duo went on to wed in 1987. The pair have even settled down on a 65-acre California ranch; where they enjoy a life growing avocados and raising horses. The couple developed this plan after Selleck said goodbye to his famous Magnum character, Magnum P.I. in 1988.

“He knew he needed to buy back his anonymity,” Jillie Mack has said. “To replenish the soul.”

“It took a long time to get off the train,” Selleck says.

“But I try very hard to have balance,” the actor adds. “And this ranch has helped me do that.”

Ranch Life Puts Selleck Into A Romantic Mood

Tom Selleck has been known to say that while he may be shy, he can also be quite romantic. He even makes sure Jillie has her favorite tea ready for her before she wakes up.

“I get up before Jillie and put on the teakettle,” Selleck says. “So when she gets up, her tea water is hjot.”