Tom Selleck Starred Alongside James Caan in This Crime Series Years Before ‘Blue Bloods’

by Joe Rutland

Before starring in Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck actually appeared in another TV series that also starred the late James Caan. Cann would play Ed Levine in the NBC drama Las Vegas. Yet in the show’s final season, Selleck joined up as A.J. Cooper for 19 episodes. It would definitely be a star-themed show with Caan on there. The actor, who also was known for playing Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, died last week at 82 years old.

According to IMDb, Las Vegas ran between 2003-08. Would you believe there’s even a classic TV connection? We found one. Cheryl Ladd played Jillian Deline in 18 episodes. She had a previous turn as Kris Munroe on Charlie’s Angels. And yes, we will mention Selleck portraying private investigator Thomas Magnum on the CBS drama Magnum P.I. Josh Duhamel, known for his work in Transformers, starred as Danny McCoy. James Lesure, Molly Sins, and Vanessa Marcil also were in the cast. Caan’s run on Las Vegas was through the show’s first four seasons.

Tom Selleck Also Has Some Movies On His Resume’

Another TV and movie star also shared a connection with Caan and this TV show. Would you believe Alec Baldwin had a turn on there? He would recall sharing screen time on Las Vegas in a lengthy Instagram post remembering his friend. Baldwin talked about a scene where he was directed to do one thing but he had an idea. Why not have Caan as Ed punch Baldwin’s character? “Because I don’t have any vanity on these things,” he said. “I’m a guest in somebody’s house, I’m here to do the part, I’m like, ‘You beat the crap outta me in a TV show, who cares?’ But we do that and Jimmy was sweet. He was so nice to me, and always kidding you and always busting your balls.”

Other Caan movies on his resume’ included Rollerball, A Bridge Too Far, Misery, and Elf. Selleck has some movies in his own backlog, too, including Quigley Down Under and Three Men and a Baby. Yet, many of Selleck’s fans are familiar with his own TV work these days on Blue Bloods. The CBS drama’s new season will come around this fall. Frank Reagan, who is the New York Police Department’s commissioner, will have a lot on his plate. Besides the day-to-day business, he’s going to watch his daughter be in an election. Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan, has been an assistant district attorney. Now, though, she has her sights set on becoming the district attorney. Selleck has remained committed to his other TV character, Jesse Stone. He’s done some TV movies as Stone. And Selleck also has another movie script in the works.