‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Miles Teller’s Grandma Campaigns for Him To Be Next James Bond

by Samantha Whidden

Following his stellar performance in “Top Gun: Maverick,” Miles Teller’s grandma is now campaigning for him to be the next James Bond. 

In a super sweet tweet earlier this week, the actor’s grandma Leona Flowers, writes, “They’re looking for an actor to replace Daniel Craig for future 007 movies. I think my grandson, Miles Teller, has proven that he has everything they’re looking for – talent, looks, strength, worldwide appeal, [and] oh, so cool. He can be that guy!! Wouldn’t he be great?”

One of Teller’s fans cheered on his grandma’s efforts and she responded, “Glad I have your thumbs up. I know you know talent and style when you see it. Miles Teller for 007!! Yeah, Baby.”

Along with “Top Gun: Maverick,” Teller has a pretty busy schedule. He teamed up with Chris Hemsworth for the film “Spiderhead,” which premiered on Netflix last month. The actor is currently filming the animated movie, “The Art and the Aardvark” as Gilbert. He will be taking on two other films “Not Without Hope” and “The Fence” later this year. 

Miles Teller Admits He Was ‘Apprehensive’ About Joining ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ 

While speaking to The New Indian Express, Teller opened up about “Top Gun: Maverick,” including admitting to actually being apprehensive about joining the action-packed sequel. 

“I was a little apprehensive about stepping into something that was kind of set up to be this huge thing,” Teller explained. “I’ve been in a couple of big movies, but for the most part, I’ve tended to do some smaller-scale things.”

Teller then said he was nervous about “lending” himself to that world. “But it’s something that I also was just incredibly proud and really honored to be a part of. I mean, when Tom Cruise handpicks you to be his co-star in a movie and to play the son of Goose, those are big shoes to fill.”

However, Teller said that if Cruise thought he was the right, then he considers the right guy as well. He then spoke about Cruise’s work ethic. “Tom just never stops working Andy’s never really even satisfied with good or great. He puts so much time into these movies that you see him in. And so his work ethic was something that I found really inspiring.”

Also speaking about the roles he tends to go for, Teller went on to add, “These movies and certain performances, give me an opportunity to kind of go to the extreme that you’re never able to go to in life. You’re able to do some things through these scenes that if you were to do in real life, people would say, ‘Oh, my God! This guy is so drama or this guy is too intense.’”