‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Miles Teller’s Next Role Revealed

by Alex Falls

Top Gun: Maverick is still the talk of the town with its unprecedented success still generating big dollars. The film would not be the success it is if it wasn’t for the performances of its talented cast. It’s, of course, led by megastar Tom Cruise, but Top Gun: Maverick also features an exceptional supporting cast. Another name whose stock has grown since the film’s release is Miles Teller who played Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw.

Teller has officially lined up his next big project. His next big event movie is called The Gorge and comes from director Scott Derrickson.

Exact plot details are being kept under wraps. But according to Deadline, the film will be “a high-action, genre-bending love story.” Teller’s role in the film is also a mystery, but the talent involved does promise epic adventure.

In addition to Top Gun: Maverick, Teller can currently be seen on Netflix‘s Spiderhead alongside Chris Hemsworth. He also starred in this year’s hit limited series from Paramount+, The Offer. A behind-the-scenes account of the making of The Godfather.

Will We See Rooster in Another ‘Top Gun’ Film?

Top Gun: Maverick is finally available to watch at home through digital outlets. But the film is also still raking in the money from people flocking to the theater to see the action on the big screen.

With so many people falling in love with Top Gun once again, people are begging to know if another sequel could be coming. Even though Teller is busy lining up new projects, he’s still hopeful another chance to suit up for flight comes. He recently touched on the subject of a sequel in an interview with ET. According to Teller, the decision is all up to star Tom Cruise.

“That would be great, but that’s all up to TC,” Teller said. “It’s all up to Tom. I’ve been having some conversations with him about it. We’ll see.”

Teller’s performance in Top Gun: Maverick has gained a lot of attention. He’s been a fixture in Hollywood for several years with starring roles in films such as Whiplash, Fantastic Four, and The Divergent Series. But the Top Gun sequel is a new level for the actor.

“For [Cruise] to share Top Gun with me and a lot of these other young actors it’s just been such a wild ride, and it’s still going,” Teller said.

Some fans are starting to speculate about a potential spinoff film for Rooster alongside Glen Powell’s Hangman. Powell touched on the possibility of that spinoff and he’s open to the idea. But as with all things in Hollywood, nothing is official until it makes it to the screen.

You can purchase Top Gun: Maverick through most major digital media outlets now. Plus, the film is still flying high in movie theaters for fans who love the big screen thrills.