‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Jennifer Connelly Opens Up About Working With Tom Cruise

by Joe Rutland

Actress Jennifer Connelly is reveling in her new role alongside Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun: Maverick and she’s talking about it. Movie fans might recognize her name from the David Bowie movie Labrynth. Yet this new movie puts her as the love interest to Cruise’s Maverick character. While Connelly has worked in show business for some time, she had not crossed paths with Cruise before this movie.

“I had never even met Tom Cruise before,” Connelly, who plays Penny Benjamin, said in an interview. “He’s so exceptional. Spending time with him, you understand how someone has been such a movie star for so many years. It was clear to me what the franchise means to him, so I felt beholden to him, [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer, and the audiences who love the film so much.”

Actress Talks About Intimate Scene With Cruise In ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Connelly also talks about a love scene between her and Cruise in the movie. She tells Variety that the actors were focusing on the intimacy of how they fit into each other’s lives. “I think those characters have a really tender relationship, the way she understands him,” she said.

“They share a moment in bed chatting, and it tells as much about their relationship as the scene that is the preamble to that,” she said. “Clearly, they have some unresolved business between them, and she navigates that with humor and playfulness. I feel like she’s someone who is positive and is moving toward happiness.”

Cruise and Val Kilmer, who played “Iceman,” were the lone two returning stars from the 1986 movie. If you are looking for Kelly McGillis or Meg Ryan, they were not invited back. McGillis played Charlie in the first movie while Ryan was “Goose” Bradshaw’s wife Carole. Apparently, director Joseph Kosinski didn’t want to deal with those storylines. “Those weren’t stories that we were throwing around,” he tells Insider. He says that he didn’t want all the storylines looking backward. Kosinski wanted to introduce new characters.

Lady Gaga Song Moves Lead Actor To Reach Out With Comment

Lady Gaga happened to provide a song for the new movie and Cruise had a message after hearing it. “Gaga came in with this song,” Cruise said. And “it became our score. It became the heartbeat of the film what she did, what she did [with Hold My Hand].” Cruise would call Gaga after working on the soundtrack. He tells her “‘I don’t think you understand, emotionally’…I was so concerned until I heard that piece.” Top Gun: Maverick has been a passion project for the actor for years. Getting to bring it to movie theaters later in May will be a fulfillment of his hard work and effort.