‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Miles Teller Weighs in on His Shirtless Dance That’s Going Viral

by Taylor Cunningham

That Miles Teller shirtless dance that’s making its rounds on the internet has become one of the most iconic scenes from Top Gun: Maverick. But according to the actor, it was never meant to be in the film.

If you’re on any form of social media, you’ve probably watched the quick clip of Teller’s Lt. Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw’s celebratory moves during a game of beach-side football. In the actual movie, the moment lasts for less than a second. But despite that, people did not miss it. And they’ve been chatting about and re-posting the dance non-stop.

While the scene looks like pure cinematographic magic meant to cause the current fan storm its enjoying, it was actually completely improvised, according to Teller. And the actor said that it was “a nice surprise” when he noticed that it made it to the final cut.

“That’s really a dance that like me and my buddies have kind of done when everybody’s dancing very seriously. It was just always something we would do to kind of just break the ice a little bit,” Teller admitted to Extra. “I didn’t even know that the camera was on me at that point, to be honest with you”

The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Has Become an Internet Obsession

Thanks to his shirtless sunset dance and other swoon-worthy reasons, Miles Teller has become the latest trending it-guy on the internet, which is odd because he’s been in Hollywood for years. But apparently, while he’s starred in many blockbusters and critically acclaimed hits such as Divergent and Whiplash—something about him helming fighter jets catapulted him into a new level of stardom.

During an interview with ET Online, he finally spoke out about his newly found time in the spotlight. And strangely, he’s just now becoming aware of the attention.

“You’re a sensation, dude. Like the #TellerTok? People are freaking out about that. Are you even aware of it?” the host asked.

“A little bit,” Teller laughed. “I don’t have Instagram or TikTok or anything. But I know my wife, I’ll just see her on her phone, and then she’ll start cracking up. And so then she shares what’s going on.”

Luckily for Teller, his wife, Keleigh Sperry Teller, isn’t too worried about the millions of women drooling over her husband. And the Top Gun: Maverick star is feeling humble about the attention. He may not be completely comfortable being a trending name, but if it helps with ticket sales, he’ll accept the attention.

“It’s great if it brings people to the theater,” he said. “Or gets some new fans maybe for me. That’s all good.”