‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Tom Cruise ‘Terrified’ James Corden With Plane Stunt

by Emily Morgan

Tom Cruise may still be flying high in the wake of Top Gun: Maverick; however, James Corden may not be quite ready for take-off. Recently, “The Late Late Show” host got the ride of his life when Cruise took him on a fighter plane. 

Cruise, who’s still going strong doing his own stunts at 59-years-old, petrified Corden when he became Cruise’s wingman. The two recently went up in a vintage plane and jet fighter thousands of feet in the air over a California desert. 

“It was a really tense time filming and suddenly there was the prospect of being in an airplane with Tom Cruise,” Corden said of the once-in-a-lifetime moment with the Mission Impossible star. “Things can go wrong and if they do we are both dead. That was terrifying.”

Corden also admitted that he kept thinking that if there were a disaster during the trip, it would forever haunt his family.

“For the rest of my children’s lives, they’d be somewhere, and someone would point and go: ‘You know who that is? ‘Their dad killed Tom Cruise.'”He continued: “Tom wanted to do the death dive and barrel rolls and all these things. I was like I am just freaking out about it.”

James Corden finally got up the nerve to go up when Cruise called him and persuaded him to join him in the plane. Corden, making a solid impression of The Risky Business actor, said he told him:” ‘I promise you I would never ever do anything to put you in any kind of danger. James, listen to me. I give you my word.”

Corden added, “Then you’re like, all right, sure I just got Mavericked or Ethan Hunted or Jerry Maguired.”

After talking down James Corden, the duo went up in a vintage fighter plane where Cruise showed some of his tricks. Later, they boarded a fighter jet, and Cruise pulled a Maverick move and turned the plane upside down.

Corden had changed his tune about the whole thing when they landed. He said: “It was amazing. I love him, I ­absolutely adore him. Every time he has been on the show he has come through in the most extraordinary ways.”

The late-night host is back in the UK this week for a special run of “The Late Late Show.”

His star-studded guests include actors Vin Diesel, Jamie Dornan, John Boyega, David Harbour, and Tessa Thompson. In addition, music legends such as Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Ed Sheeran, Alanis Morissette, and Sam Smith will make appearances. 

In April, Corden shocked fans when he revealed he would leave the show in 2023. “I always saw it as an adventure rather than a final destination,” he said of the show.