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‘Tulsa King’ Star Sylvester Stallone Reveals Why He’ll Never Watch the Upcoming ‘Rocky’ Sequel

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

If you are expecting Tulsa King star Sylvester Stallone to be watching Creed III, then you can forget about it because he’s not. This new movie is just another sequel in the very popular Rocky franchise of movies. Stallone, of course, originally played Rocky Balboa on the big screen. But there has been a rift in recent years regarding the Rocky movies.

Stallone, in an interview with Jessica Shaw on Sirius XM, said that he has had a “rough emotional ride” in deciding to cut his ties with the Rocky franchise, Men’s Health reports. But he’s doing so and it has a lot to do with producer Irwin Winkler still being involved in Creed or other movies in that group. “You can’t make peace with someone who’s been so, so nefarious, in my opinion,” he said.

Sylvester Stallone Remains Critical Of Irwin Winkler’s Role With Franchise

Stallone has said numerous times that he has “zero” ownership of Rocky after selling the rights to Winkler back in 1976. That was when Stallone had $100 to his name and was acting out of sheer necessity. He recently has criticized Winkler for putting together a new spinoff based on Dolph Lundgren’s character Ivan Drago without Stallone’s knowledge. Stallone calls Winkler a “parasite” who is “picking clean the bones of another wonderful character I created.”

Meanwhile, Stallone also is making it clear that this isn’t about money at all. But it is about creative legacy, Stallone’s creative legacy. He told SiriusXM’s Shaw, “I wrote it. I thought it would be nice to say, ‘Here’s the gesture darling here. Beautiful children, beautiful wife. When I’m long gone, this is you. This is what I made for you.'”

Stallone does remain open for a future collaboration with Michael B. Jordan if Winkler left the scene. Right now, though, Stallone is busy playing Dwight “The General” Manfredi on Tulsa King, created by Yellowstone boss Taylor Sheridan. This role is quite different from other roles that Stallone has played in his long, illustrious career. What, though, is so different about Manfredi? For one thing, Stallone said that he does not really resonate with characters like Rambo or Rocky even.

“It is the most liberating feeling because I never thought it was ever going to happen,” Stallone said in an interview with Brooklyn Magazine. “I used to have to tell people that Rambo is a performance. I’m not really that monosyllabic, dark, and petulant. I really don’t talk like Rocky either. People always assumed that’s who I am.” In another interview, Stallone once talked about reading classic literature pieces before even writing the Rocky script at all.