‘Tulsa King’ Star Sylvester Stallone Shows Off New Pup He Named After His Character: PHOTOS

by Craig Garrett

Action movie icon and Tulsa King star Sylvester Stallone took to his official Instagram to introduce fans to his new canine pal. Sly shared a video clip and a few images of his new Rottweiler, named Dwight. Fans anticipating the release of Tulsa King likely caught the meaning of the pooch’s moniker. Dwight ‘The General’ Manfredi is the name of Sly character in the upcoming show.

The brief video shows Sylvester Stallone petting the happy Rottweiler. Sly asks about grooming tips to the breeders, while Dwight gleefully accepts the attention from his new owner. “So incredibly happy with my newly acquired four-legged friend DWIGHT”, the actor captioned the post. “[That’s] my character’s name from [Tulsa King], keep punching and keep barking! Thank you very much to Trainer and breeder Dave Smith and his wonderful wife!” The post includes a few more snapshots of Dwight, along with the breeder’s logo.

A few of Sylvester Stallone’s high-profile friends took note of the happy pup in the comments. Recent Stallone collaborator and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn wrote, “Awesome.” Meanwhile, Tulsa King co-star Max Casella commented, “Beautiful!”

Sylvester Stallone has a long history of prized pets

Stallone is a well-known animal lover. Some of his pets even feature in the early Rocky films. In 2017, he shared a photo of his dog Butkus, who was prominently featured in “Rocky II” and “Rocky III,” on Instagram. When the actor was at a very low point, he was forced to sell the dog for $40. However, shortly after he sold his screenplay for Rocky and was flush with cash. Sly claims he went back to the person that purchased Butkus to buy him back. Unfortunately, the new owner was wise to Sly’s recent success. Stallone claims he ended up paying $15,000 to get his prized pooch back.

Sylvester Stallone also kept the fighter’s two turtles from the 1976 film. Their names are Cuff and Link, and they were first seen in the original Rocky when Balboa first gets home. Rocky feeds the turtles and brings his fish, Moby Dick, over so they may dine together. Rocky bought them from Adrian Pennino (Talia Shire), who works at a local pet shop.

It’s safe to say that many fans are not aware that Sylvester Stallone has kept them in real life for over 40 years. He posted a photograph on Instagram in 2019 of them swimming in their tank. Stallone claims the pair are around 44 years old, according to his caption of the post. The turtles reappeared in 2018’s Creed II. They could possibly the most prolific amphibian actors thanks to Sly.