Tyler Sanders, Actor in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and ‘9-1-1: Lone Star,’ Dead at 18

by Emily Morgan

Tyler Sanders, a young actor with roles in TV shows such as “9-1-1: Lone Star” and “Fear the Walking Dead,” has passed away at just 18 years old. 

According to reports from TMZ, the teenage star died Thursday in Los Angeles at home. As of now, his cause of death is currently unclear. It’s expected that the cause of death would be known in a few days following the autopsy. 

Pedro Tapia, his rep, said to outlets that his death is being investigated, and he’s being remembered as a good kid from a good family. Sanders began his acting career a few years ago at just ten years old. The rising star had already received an Emmy nomination for his work as Leo in the Amazon series “Just Add Magic: Mystery City.”

His other acting credits include ABC’s “The Rookie” and the first season of Amazon’s “Just Add Magic.” He and Leah Remini shot a pilot together in 2017 and appeared in several shorts and multiple TV movies.

His last post on Instagram came on June 12. He shared a few snaps of himself in a blue suit in the post. As of 2:45 on Friday, his followers in the comments had not yet caught on to the news of his passing. 

A Silver Lining for “9-1-1: Lone Star” fans

However, there is some positive news. Fans of “911 Lone Star” are getting a Season 4. While it was unsure a few weeks ago, FOX managed to catch another season. 

However, it was up to the production studio and not FOX when it came down to nailing down the negotiations. Unfortunately, however, it’s not so good news for fans that they’ll have to play the long game for the new season. 

Not only will fans not get any new episodes in June, but they won’t have any new episodes in July or August. And that could be the tip of the iceberg. It’s highly probable that they won’t see any new episodes of “911 Lone Star” for the rest of the year. 

Currently, FOX hasn’t announced its fall 2022 schedule. Unfortunately, due to the setbacks in negotiating deals with “911,” “911 Lone Star,” and “The Resident,” the network hasn’t had a chance to put together its fall lineup, leaving us to wait to see what they say.

If FOX opts for a schedule such as the 2021–2022 season, fans might have to wait until January 2023 for Season 4 to premiere. Or, fans will have to see if “911” Season 6 premieres in the fall. This could be a strategic move to ensure a top drama starts the week throughout the main TV series.

We’ll know more about potential premiere dates when we see what FOX decides about its fall schedule.