Val Kilmer’s Son Nabs Leading Role in Upcoming Movie

by Samantha Whidden

Jack Kilmer, the son of “Top Gun: Maverick” star Val Kilmer, is set to star opposite of Clifton Powell in the upcoming drama “The Thrill Is On.”

Variety reports that Val Kilmer’s son will play Michael, a young drummer who encounters Powell’s blues legend, B.B. King. The film is based on the true story of producer Michael Zanetis’ experience with King, who passed away in 2015. 

Zanetis spoke to Variety about Val Kilmer’s son portraying him in the film. “As an actor and musician, Jack is uniquely qualified to portray our drummer on a mission. His passion for acting and music will ignite a compelling performance. We can’t wait to see what magic this dynamic duo will bring to our film!”

Jack scored his first starring role in Gia Coppola’s “Palo Alto “ in 2013. Other film projects he’s been a part of include “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” “Lords of Chaos” and “Hala”. He also narrated the 2021 documentary, “Val” which was about his father, Val Kilmer. 

“The Thrill Is On” will also star four former members of King’s band. They are Walter Riley King, James “Boogaloo” Bolden, Michael Doster, and Tony Coleman. They will be portraying themselves in the film. Variety adds that the film is currently in pre-production with plans to begin filming later this year.

Jack & Mercedes Kilmer Open up About Their Father Val 

While promoting the Amazon documentary “Val” in August 2021, Jack and Mercedes Kilmer opened up about their father. 

“He’s very private,” Mercedes Kilmer describes Val. “I think he has the reputation of being difficult, which is deserved and underserved. I think he’s always had not a really trusting relationship with putting himself out there to the public.”

Mercedes also said that she would show the footage of the “Val” documentary to her children one day. The documentary’s co-director Ting Poo spoke about having the Kilmer children a part of the project. 

“Just watching the footage he captured over the years – half of it is of his children. Who he is around his children is one of the most beautiful parts of him. Their relationship now is such a central part of his character. And so we wanted Jack and Mercedes to be as much a part of the film present day as they are in the archival footage.”

Speaking about narrating the documentary, Jack said, “I thought I was in my normal voice. It was interesting doing the narration because our goal was to get me to sound as natural as possible.”

At the time of the interview, Jack and Mercedes had not seen the documentary. “We had some conversations about it. It’s something I think everyone can relate to, especially people of our generation, which is that sometimes your parents get divorced. And we’ve processed that in our lives and our parents have both made a huge effort to keep the other parent in our lives. You do the best that you can.”