Valerie Bertinelli Posts Childhood Pic With a Message for Her Late Mother

by Chris Piner

Even before her marriage to singer Eddie Van Halen, Valerie Bertinelli made a name for herself as a top talent in Hollywood. He acted in shows like One Day at a Time, Touched by an Angel, and Hot in Cleveland. During that time, she also landed two Emmy Awards, two Golden Globes, and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012. That doesn’t even include the numerous shows she hosted for the Food Network. Proving her skills on and off the screen, Bertinelli is also a mother to Wolfgang Van Halen. Never forgetting her past, the actress recently shared an intimate photo of her childhood, paying tribute to the woman who raised her. 

Posting a vintage picture on Instagram, Valerie Bertinelli captioned the picture with a few thoughtful words about her own mom. Although the two might have had their difficulties in the past, as all parents do, Bertinelli wrote, “I miss you Mom. I know you did your best. I don’t think you fully understand until you’re a parent yourself.” 

Fans quickly responded to the post, sharing their own realizations of being a parent. They included:

  •  “Oh the things we finally understand once we become Moms. I miss mine too and wish I had been kinder to her sometimes.”
  • “As an adult working through my own brokenness, I was able to understand my mom’s brokenness.” 
  • “They all do their best. It’s our job, as their children, to understand and accept that.”

Valerie Bertinelli Discusses Her Fight With Weight Gain And Negativity

Earlier this month, Valerie Bertinelli discussed the struggles of her life on The Kelly Clarkson Show. While speaking about her past, the actress told Clarkson about her constant fight with weight control. “I learned at a young age that gaining weight was unlovable … so I’m still trying to purge that out of my system because that’s not true. It’s just a lie.” 

Understanding her battle, Kelly Clarkson told Valerie Bertinelli, “I think so many things happened to me when I was young about my weight that, even at a young age like, so many things got said, that’s whenever I was just like: ‘Whatever, I’m not gonna please anyone.’”

Not able to change the past, Valerie Bertinelli admitted, “I was lucky it happened before I got in the industry because it’s very hard”. She was sure to add that although it happened in the past, she was no longer letting it dictate her future. “I’m done with all the negative talk that I give myself, because there’s enough negative talk out there.” The actress believed the only way to move forward was not to dwell on the hardships, but by “changing the perspective, and changing the view, and the narrative.”