Valerie Bertinelli Declares America Is ‘Not the Greatest Country in the World,’ Social Media Sounds Off

by Emily Morgan

The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled on the important yet divisive issue of abortion. In the wake of the ruling, celebrities are chiming in with their thoughts via social media. After SCOTUS reversed the landmark case, Roe V. Wade, it sparked a conversation amongst many online who wanted to give their opinion. For instance, Valerie Bertinelli chimed in with her thoughts following the ruling. 

Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife tweeted a bold statement regarding the issue shortly after SCOTUS overturned the case. “We are not the greatest country in the world,” she wrote online to nearly half a million followers. 

As expected, her controversial tweet garnered divided replies. “We haven’t been for a long time. This just makes us a Third World country now. America has lost our greatness for generations to come,” one user wrote in agreement. 

“Free to find another place you’d prefer,” another user wrote. “My parents thought this was the greatest place to be – why we emigrated fr a 3rd world country. Both parents are gone now which in a way provides perverse relief bc they’d be utterly disappointed to have hauled us 8300 miles only to find ourselves where we started from, 50 years later,” wrote another user in agreement with Bertinelli.

Valerie Bertinelli trades acting for an apron for Food Network show

The Food Network star began her popular culinary and food show “Valerie’s Home Cooking” in 2015. Then later, in 2019, the star took home not only one but two Emmy awards. Although she had a nomination for another in 2022, the organization ultimately gave the award to tenured Food Network host Ina Garten. She hosts the popular show, “Barefoot Contessa.”

In her memoir Enough Already, the TV icon opened up about her nomination for two Emmys in 2019.  In the past, she had won two Golden Globe awards for her work on “One Day at a Time.” However, she wrote, “I always wanted an Emmy.”

As she explained, the particular award, “meant your work was accepted and that your talent was respected by your peers. She added, “And deep down I was always searching for something that would provide the validation I wasn’t able to find on my own.”

Although she starred in “numerous series and dozens of [television] movies,” the mother and former rocker’s wife never received an Emmy nomination until she “traded acting” for her spot in the TV kitchen. 

She wrote about when she learned she was twice nominated in 2019 for Outstanding Culinary Host and Outstanding Culinary Program. She admitted was “truly shocked” at the time. “I read and reread the online notification and the text messages that came in and kept asking myself, Really?”