Vintage Pictures of Late Comedian Leslie Jordan From the 1980s Go Viral After His Death

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Late comedian Leslie Jordan left quite a memory of laughter and good times for his many fans. And now, some photos from the 1980s have gone viral. These photos are definitely causing people to lose their cool in a good way. Fans are still grieving over the Will & Grace star’s death on Monday at 67 years old. Jordan died after he’s believed to have suffered a medical episode behind the wheel of his car.

The New York Post has been sharing some of these photos. Jordan is definitely being admitted and loved for his youthful looks. Jordan brought so much joy into people’s lives. Fans that are seeing these photos just love the images they are conjuring up for them.

Leslie Jordan Fans Are Digging These Photos

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Omg how cute.” There were others who could not get over the fact that Jordan was a “hunk” in his earlier days. They would direct their attention toward a shirtless photo taken in New York City back in 1977. “Why have I never seen any pictures of young Leslie Jordan before,” one person asked. “He was an adorable older gentleman and an absolute hunk when he was younger!”

“Was no one going to tell us this about Leslie Jordan?” another Jordan fan said. “Oh, he was hot,” this fan stated. Jordan recently had been playing Phil on the FOX sitcom Call Me Kat starring Mayim Bialik. She would remember Jordan in a tweet, sharing a young photo of him. Reportedly, Jordan was en route to the set when his accident happened. At this time, the show has put a pause on production.

“They broke the mold when they made Leslie Jordan. He was a dear mentor and a beloved friend. I will miss him so much — it’s unimaginable that he’s gone. Rest well, sweet buddy,” Bialik wrote. Leslie Jordan initially shared the photo of him right next to the blue convertible in an Instagram post last year. That was done to the delight of his 6 million followers. He wrote, “I just called 1980 and told it I wanted my 6-pack back — except in those days I was drinking and I’m afraid they’ll think I want beer.” After his death, fans have been going to this post and commenting what Jordan meant to them.

“What a sweetie, I’m going to miss him,” one fan wrote. “You made me smile when I was not very happy. Thank you,” another one said about Leslie Jordan. There has not been any word passed down about when a funeral or memorial service will be held for Jordan.