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Vivica A. Fox Goes Full Mike Rowe-Mode, Urges Americans to Understand Importance of Skilled Trade Jobs

by Samantha Whidden
Vivica A. Fox talks skilled trade jobs
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Going full Mike Rowe-mode, Empire star Vivica A Fox is now urging Americans to understand the importance of skilled trade jobs. 

While speaking to Fox News Digital, Fox discussed her personal connection to those in skilled trade jobs. She noted that the work they do makes her proud. 

“I’m all about girl power, and I’m very proud of a couple of my girlfriends that are in the trade positions like my girlfriends Vanessa and Alicia,” Fox explained. She revealed that the mother-daughter duo drives forklifts in Detroit. “And I’m just so proud when they send me their little videos driving their forklifts working at their company.”

Fox went on to say that she was really blown away when the two sent her their videos. “Because they’re just kind of – they’re all about hair and makeup,” the actress explained. “You would never believe that the women are driving forklifts and wearing hard hats.”

Another woman Fox knows in the skilled trade jobs sector works in the healthcare sector. Fox said that her friend works her tail off and helped the U.S. get through the COVID-19 pandemic. “[She] sacrifices so much for our community,” Fox added. 

Fox’s comments about skilled trade jobs were prior to the release of the documentary SKILLED. The film follows four skilled trade workers. One of the workers, Paige Knowles, is a 20-year-old plumber and author of the children’s book Plumber Paige. She explained that she went into the not-so-glamorous profession because she was interested in learning more about water and how it starts somewhere and ends up in homes. 

“You kind of take it [for] granted,” Knowles said about plumbing. “Because you turn that sink on and water’s always coming.” 

Vivica A. Fox Says She Hopes ‘SKILLED’ Can Encourage Others to Pursue Skilled Trade Jobs 

Along with discussing the importance of skilled trade jobs, Vivica A. Fox says she hopes the documentary SKILLED is able to encourage others to pursue those kinds of jobs. 

“Sky’s the limit,” the actress declared. “If there’s something that you want to do, do not let that the fact that you’re a woman or that you’re a minority, stop you from pursuing your dreams.”

Fox also said she wants the film to change the “negative misconception” about skilled trade workers. She noted that women could also go into those kinds of professions as well. Although she would love to see women taking on jobs in the medical, law, and education sectors, she believes if some women had a little “something” in their lives that took them in another direction, they shouldn’t be afraid to pursue skill trade. 

However, she noted that women looking into skilled trade jobs should make sure they educate themselves before they decided to do it.