WATCH: Betty White Showed Off Her ‘Aloha Spirit’ Hula Dancing With Cast of ‘Hot in Cleveland’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Betty White could do so many things to make us smile. She always was up to trying something new. So how about a hula dance?

Although Betty White died Dec. 31, her official social media accounts still are spreading her love. They do that by sharing photos and video clips. Since we’re one day away from the weekend, how about going back to that time White treated her Hot In Cleveland cast and crew with lunch and hula lessons. As you can see by the undated clip, White still could swing her hips.

“Betty had aloha spirit and then some,” said the official Betty White social media team. “Here she is participating in a hula lesson. She treated the cast and crew of Hot In Cleveland to Hawaiian lunch and entertainment one afternoon. Seems clear – a good time was had by all! It’s almost the weekend! Here’s hoping you find some Aloha Spirit – and share.”

Playing Elka Ostrovsky, Betty White starred in Hot In Cleveland from 2010-2015. Her character wasn’t supposed to be a permanent cast member. But no surprise here, the audience loved White as Elka, who could party like someone much younger. By the end of the series run, Elka ended up as mayor of Cleveland.

White, a star of classic TV, probably was best known for her portrayal of sweet, gullible Rose on the Golden Girls. And did you know, she also had at least two episodes that showed off her dancing skills.

In one episode, called Dancing in the Dark, Rose won a dance marathon? She did so with an amazing swing dance, turning cartwheels and doing the splits all while wearing a pink sequin dress. Now, it’s obvious that a professional dancer did most of those moves, although White shimmied to start the dance, then smiled at the end of it.

And there also was a Golden Girls moment that showed Blanche and Rose tap dancing. This was 18 episodes into season one. The girls called themselves Tip Top Trio. But Dorothy has a foot injury and needs surgery. Never fear, the show does go on. So here are Betty White and Rue McClanahan performing as the Two Merry Widows.

And there are more instances of Betty White dancing. We’re convinced it helped keep her young. Back in 2009, she co-starred in The Proposal. That’s when she played Grandma Annie and stole just about every scene in the movie, which also starred Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. There also was a scene where Annie was dressed in a Native American costume, paying tribute to Mother Earth. Bullock joins her and their dance is memorable. Bullock won a Teen Choice award for the scene. And Betty White, the “forever teen” joined Bullock, with the two doing a brief twerk. White also could do the same shimmy from the Golden Girls. Check out the video at the 1:30 mark for a classic White performance.