WATCH: Bodycam Footage Shows Police Approaching Gary Busey Amid Sex Offense Charges

by Samantha Whidden

Less than two weeks after authorities in New Jersey charged Gary Busey for inappropriate contact with attendees at Monster Mania Con, bodycam footage of police approaching the famed actor has been released.

As previously reported, Gary Busey received four charges by the Cherry Hill Police Department in late August, with two charges being for criminal sexual contact. The other two charges were for criminal attempt/criminal sexual contact and harassment. At the time, police stated the charges were from a reported sex offense situation. The incident happened at the Doubletree Hotel nearby during the weekend of August 12th-14th. Although he received the charges, the details about the incidents were unclear. 

Although he was supposed to be a featured guest for the Monster Mania Convention at the Doubletree Hotel, the company running the event said Gary Busey was removed after a complaint was made by attendees. The video of the actor’s arrest also did not show much. The authorities approached Busey as he was leaving the hotel. He was heard discussing the weather in California was one of the responding police officers. Parts of the video were blurred by the police department due to some footage showing alleged victims. 

Now, Gary Busey has denied any wrongdoing in the situation. He told TMZ days later that nothing happened during his visit or with the woman who is accusing him. The actor also stated that he does not have any regrets about his behavior while at the convention. “It was all false,” he went on to tell the media outlet. “I don’t care because there are no accusations.” 

When asked if he could have acted inappropriately but wasn’t aware that he was, Gary Busey said there was no chance of that. He was scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday (August 31st). 

New Jersey Authorities Reportedly Allege That Gary Busey Asked Detectives to ‘Talk Victims Out of Pursuing Complaints’ 

CNN reported last week that authorities in the New Jersey town alleged that actor Gary Busey actually tried to convince detectives to talk victims of pursuing complaints about his behavior at the hotel. 

An affidavit that was obtained by the media outlet stated that Cherry Hill police detectives were called to the hotel. Two victims reported being sexually assaulted by “the same actor” who was identified as defendant Gary Busey. 

“They reported they were in a photoshoot area during the Monster Mania event and were having their picture with the defendant,” the affidavit explained. “During the photo shoot, the defendant placed his face near one of the victim’s breasts and asked where she got them, before attempting to unlatch her bra strap.” 

The other victim said Gary Busey grabbed her buttocks during the shoot. A man also reported that his daughter had been sexually assaulted by Busey as well. She told authorities that the actor grabbed her buttocks as well. 

Gary Busey did state that nothing happened. However, detectives say that the actor initially denied groping anyone before asking them to apologize to the victims. He then asked authorities to talk the victims out of pursing complaints. He also claimed that sometimes it is possible to accidentally touch someone in a specific body part.