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WATCH: ‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Wakes Up to a Squealing Surprise

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

People may be surprised by the new Duck Dynasty star that is rooting around in Korie Robertson’s house.

Korie’s husband, Willie, turned the big 5-0 on April 22nd. And this weekend, his friends and family got together to celebrate the milestone.

During a big cookout, Willie’s loved ones gathered ’round to share stories and hand gifts to the newly over-the-hill reality star. And one of those gifts has Korie cracking up. Watch below to get a look at it.

That’s right, it’s a piglet—the perfect gag for a man who goes by “Boss Hog.” But while the pint-sized swine seems happy to spend some time with Willie, it doesn’t seem too fond of his wife.

In a video, Willie walks into Korie’s bedroom to greet her with the “new grandbaby” first thing in the morning. While he carries the pig dubbed “Wilfer” through the hall, it makes cute little snorting noises. But the second he passes Wilfer to Korie, the pig goes wild.

“Nothing like waking up to your new pet pig getting in bed with you,” she wrote.

In the clip, Wilfer’s sequels sound like screams as he tries to free himself from her grasp.

“Oh my god,” Korie cries as she tries passing him back to Willie. “He doesn’t want me! He doesn’t want me!” she yells before the screen goes black.

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Celebrates Boss Hog’s Birthday

But despite the apparent Duck Dynasty growing pains, Korie is in good spirits. As she continued in her caption, Wilfer is “clearly the cutest and most hilarious birthday gift of the night.”

The 48-year-old mother of six also added that the party was a “roast” and she and Willie “still haven’t stopped laughing.” And she’s certainly celebrating her long life by her husband’s side.

In a tribute to Willie, Korie wrote a lengthy Instagram post highlighting exactly why she can’t stop smiling when she’s around her husband.

“Happy Birthday to the love of my life, the man that keeps getting better with age, the leader of our big, crazy pack,” she started. ” I loved you from the moment I saw those cute dimples across the crowded mess hall in 4th grade, I love you today driving down a dirt road on the way to a new adventure, and I’ll love you forever, wherever life takes us. The best is yet to come!”