WATCH: Harrison Ford Gets Choked Up While Discussing New ‘Indiana Jones 5’

by Joe Rutland

White Harrison Ford is now pegged as part of the cast of 1923, he’s still connected to playing Indy and gets choked up talking about it. That’s right. Ford is back in the flick Indiana Jones 5 and it kind of gets him in the feels. He talked about it while making a Saturday appearance at the D23 Expo.

TMZ reported that the initial trailer for Indiana Jones 5 was aired. Ford would come out on stage and start to chat with the gathered crowd. He reportedly told the audience that this movie sees Jones packing a punch. Ford adds that this movie happens to have a lot of heart within it, just like the others. When talking about this part of the movie, Ford got a little choked up. Fans gathered there would rain down cheers and a lot of clapping hands to Ford’s comments.

Harrison Ford Gets Ready For ‘1923’ Role

Ford took a minute to share his pride in costar Phoebe Waller-Bridge. He would tell the audience that she is a big reason why this film in the Indiana Jones series rocks. He added that Indiana Jones 5 will “kick your ass.” Ford also told the D23 Expo faithful that this is the last one in the franchise for him. In the clip above, Ford makes it clear that this is the last time he’s going to fall down for us. It might be worth reminding that Ford is 80 years old.

Meanwhile, in 1923 land, Ford’s character had been revealed. He will play Jacob Dutton, who is the head of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch back in the 1920s. As for long-form storylines, Jacob is the brother of James Dutton, who was played by Tim McGraw in the Taylor Sheridan show 1883.

Actor Has a Fondness For Snakes

What type of salary are we looking at for Ford in 1923? That part has been revealed indeed. Variety states that Ford will make $1 million per episode. Toss in 10 expected episodes and the show will bring him $10 million for filming his episodes alone. Helen Mirren, who also is part of the cast, will also earn $1 million per episode.

Did you know that Ford is a bit different and the complete opposite from Indy in one way? Apparently, the actor has a fondness for snakes. Those animals are not a strong point for Jones in the movies. Ford talked about this back in 2014 as part of a Reddit AMA. Back when he worked at a summer camp, he was a counselor at Camp Napowan in Wisconsin. While there, Ford, a native of Chicago, would oversee what is called the Reptile Study merit badge class.