WATCH: ‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O Struggles With a Carolina Reaper Alongside Ryan Reynolds

by Blake Ells

Ryan Reynolds invited Jackass star Steve-O onto MNTN recently, and hijinks ensured. The latter, who has spent two decades subjecting himself to torturous stunts was brought to his knees by the infamous Carolina reaper. He tried milk. He tried it all. Nothing was enough to keep Steve-O from declaring, “I’ve never had an experience like that.” The man once had third degree burns on 15% of his body. The Carolina reaper is formidable, to be sure.

The Carolina reaper has a scoville of 2.2 SHU. Only United States grade pepper spray and Pure capsaicin are hotter. See the full video below.

Steve-O just kind of…dives in? He ate the whole thing. He ate it right from the stem. Would you expect less?

“Yeah, it’s the hottest thing you can legally put in your mouth,” the Jackass star says as he chokes down the hot pepper. “I’ve chewed. I will now swallow.”

The Jackass star immediately begins coughing. Then, somehow, he manages to nail all of his lines advertising Ryan Reynolds’s platform MNTN.

“My whole throat is on [expletive] fire like I just drank lava,” he says through his chokes while doing the read.

Steve-O uses a soft “a” in the word data. Ryan Reynolds corrects him with a hard “a” as he continues gasping for air. Steve-O joined Reynolds to promote his own hot sauce, “Steve-O’s Hot Sauce for Your Butthole.” His hot sauce clearly isn’t as hot as the Carolina reaper.

“[Expletive] my [expletive] throat is closing,” he gasps.

Ryan Reynolds offers Steve-O some milk and takes the talk from there. Steve-O can’t keep the milk down. He’s snorting it from his nose. It’s a lot. If a Carolina reaper can bring Steve-O to his knees, there’s no way you stand a chance.

‘Jackass’ Returns

It’s been a big year for Jackass. The 48-year-old didn’t just return to eat a Carolina reaper with Ryan Reynolds, the cast returned for Jackass Forever in February. The extremely R-rated film greeted nearly $58 million in box office sales. It was the first film in the franchise since 2013’s Bad Grandpa. It was the first “traditional” film in the series that spawned from the MTV series of the same name since 2010’s Jackass 3D.

The crew also took part in this year’s annual return of “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel. Poopies is one of the new guys to the Jackass crew, and he got much of the brunt of the “Shark Week” punishment.

“I thought I was gonna die in front of my friends,” he said of the cast joining the action. “Um. That’s pretty heavy. But I’m here.”

The new guy loves the water, but he’d been in a shark attack before and that gave him anxiety.

“It’s really important for me to get over that fear,” he said. “Because I don’t want the accident to stop me from doing what I love.”

Make Poopies eat the Carolina reaper next.