WATCH: Jane Fonda Cracks Raw Eggs on Her Forehead on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

by Shelby Scott

You’ve almost certainly heard of Russian roulette. However, American actress Jane Fonda and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon‘s own Jimmy Fallon put a much more hysterical spin on the game. Instead of its usually lethal qualities, the pair used a combination of raw and boiled eggs in a battle of chance. Check out the hilarious segment below.

The Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins explained the rules of the game before presenting Jane Fonda with her first egg. The Grace and Frankie actress then confidently snagged an egg from the carton. Quickly, we found the egg was one of four raw eggs amid the remaining eight boiled ones. With yolk dripping down her face, Jimmy Fallon deemed the 84-year-old actress “officially the coolest.”

Taking his own turn, Fallon’s first egg, fortunately, was boiled. Fonda’s second pick was also boiled though, after smashing it against her forehead, she hilariously reacts, “Ow!”

In picking his second egg, The Tonight Show host admitted, “I have a weird feeling about this one,” though Fonda, in the spirit of egg roulette, joked, “Come on, no eggscuses.”

However, the egg, again, turns out to be boiled, while Jane Fonda’s next pick is yet another raw egg. After embracing the Grace and Frankie star around the shoulders, Fallon good-naturedly asked her, “Can you break [an egg] on my head?” Demonstrating good sportsmanship, the actress humorously responded, “I’m so glad you asked,” picking up an egg with a flourish.

In the end, Jane Fonda smashes two raw eggs on Jimmy Fallon’s head. In doing so, she evened out the score of their game of Egg Roulette.

Jane Fonda to Appear In New Film ’80 for Brady’

Jane Fonda is now a world-renowned egg-smashing champion (at least in our very humble opinion). However, she’s also set to appear in an all-new film after concluding her Netflix series Grace and Frankie. After starring in the family show as Grace Hanson with costar Lily Tomlin as Frankie Bergstein, Jane Fonda will star in NFL star Tom Brady‘s upcoming film, 80 for Brady.

According to People magazine, 80 for Brady is based on a true story. In it, four New England Patriots fans take a road trip to see Brady play in 2017’s Super Bowl. As per the outlet, Brady will star in the film as well as serve as a producer. In addition, Fonda will star alongside actresses Sally Field and Rita Moreno. We will also see her reunite with her Grace and Frankie costar

In speaking about her upcoming role, Fonda said, “My character writes sex novels about football,” explaining, “she wrote a book called Between a Gronk and a Hard Place.” She further shared details regarding a scene with Rob Gronkowski, stating, “Oh man, is he funny.”

Fonda is maintaining a busy schedule in acting, despite her rather advanced age. Aside from 80 for Brady, the outlet stated she will also feature as a voice actor in the upcoming animated film, Luck.(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)