WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Waxes Poetic About ‘Earn’ and ‘Deserve’ in New Motivational Post

by Shelby Scott

We can look to veteran actor Matthew McConaughey for all kinds of wisdom. However, today, the Dallas Buyers Club actor is speaking out about things we “earn” versus things we “deserve.” See what he has to say in his motivational post below.

Kicking off his post, the actor speaks to viewers, emphasizing “how quickly we like to say we deserve something.” Oftentimes, earning and deserving connote employment and income, however, Matthew McConaughey’s motivational message remains relatively generic. Instead, he tells us that earning something is “measurable. We can earn things.”

He also explained, “Earning means we’re in the process of helping get what we want.”

Comparatively, Matthew McConaughey added, “Saying we deserve [something], a lot of times we just lean back and go, ‘Well I’m supposed to get mine, I deserve it.'”

In concluding his video, McConaughey urged his followers to earn things before they feel they deserve them. The comments, flooded with love from fans, saw a lot of Matthew McConaughey fans thanking him for his wisdom.

“Right on! Excellent take here,” one follower wrote. Another Matthew McConaughey fan quipped, “Alright alright.”

In contrast, one insightful follower emphasized, “Sometimes people deserve compassion whether they’ve ‘earned’ it or not. JS.” A fourth individual agreed, adding, “and no one has to ‘earn’ mercy.”

Matthew McConaughey’s Monday motivation is especially prevalent regarding certain material possessions. However, it is important to take into account things like compassion and understanding.

Former Presidential Candidate Claims Matthew McConaughey Could Pull U.S. Out of Current ‘Mess’

Matthew McConaughey isn’t just steeped in moral values but he’s also demonstrated prowess as a politician. Now, given the current mess that is the social, economic, and political landscape in the U.S., former presidential candidate Andrew Yang claims the longtime actor and author might just be the right person to right the major problems plaguing this country.

Yang praised Matthew McConaughey’s traits as a politician but, more importantly, as a human on an episode of his podcast, Forward with Andrew Yang. During the episode, he discussed the recurring issues we see on both sides of the aisle. Instead, he argued that the U.S. needs a new, “positive ex-institutional energy that comes up and ends up being this third force in American politics.”

His choices for that candidate most prominently named Matthew McConaughey, who actually considered running for Texas governor last year. However, he also highlighted well-liked celebrities including Mark Cuban, Dwayne Johnson, and Oprah Winfrey.

Unfortunately, McConaughey did not move forward with the election instead stating that running is a “humbling and inspiring path to ponder,” but that now just wasn’t the right time in his career. He also explained he needed to take into account the security of his family.