WATCH: Nicolas Cage Addresses Urban Legends About Him on First Talk Show Appearance in Over a Decade

by Joe Rutland

Actor Nicolas Cage has been the subject of a lot of urban legends over the years and he’s been cagey to avoid making a talk show appearance. On Wednesday night, April 20, Cage appeared as a guest on the ABC late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. The actor mentions that he’s making his first talk show appearance in 14 years with Kimmel. The host chit-chats a little with Cage but gets down to cases about some of these legendary stories.

Actor Nicolas Cage Makes Rare Talk Show Appearance And Talks About Urban Legends

“I heard a story about you and tell me if it’s true,” Kimmel said. “I have a few of these stories that I want to ask. (And) I heard that you had $200, you played roulette and you turned it into $200,000.” Cage immediately says no and says the total was $20,000.

“Yeah but I did it in about a half an hour,” he said. “And I was in the Bahamas. And it was one of those nights, you ever have one of those nights where you feel like the mojo is with you, and you just knew that you could do nothing wrong? That everything was going to go your way?”

“I’ve never had that, I swear to God,” Kimmel said. “It was one of those nights and my game was roulette,” Cage said. “And it was about 20 years ago.” Cage said he went into the Atlantis Hotel. “And I went in, I went to the roulette table and I just knew that I had it. Every number I chose and I often would choose the same number, it kept winning. Even the woman that was spinning the ball said, ‘Nothing sweeter than a repeater.’ And I kept doing it and doing it.”

Cage Confirms That He Gave $20,000 To Orphanage In The Bahamas

Cage said he lived across from an orphanage in the Bahamas. He said that met all the children and put $20,000 cash in the headmistress’s hands. Cage adds that he’s never gambled again since that night. Kimmel then shows a GQ magazine cover with Cage holding a snake. When asked if he has one these days, Cage says no. But Kimmel asks about another urban legend story that the actor once had a two-headed snake in his ownership. We get more from the New York Post.

“Why? I don’t know,” Cage said. “I was dreaming about two-headed eagles. One night I had this dream. The next day, my manager at the time got a phone call saying, ‘Oh, ahh, I’ve got a two-headed snake that I found in Northridge and I think your client Nic Cage would be interested.'”