WATCH: ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Reveals Husband Ladd’s Wounds After He Was Run Over by a Cow

by Megan Molseed

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond and her family are certainly no strangers to ranch life. And, this becomes even more clear to all in Drummond’s recent Insta post. In this post, the Pioneer Woman shows her Insta followers the aftermath of her husband, Ladd’s showdown with one of their cows. It’s hilarious – for the most part. However, anyone who has dealt with cows knows how dangerous things could have gotten!

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Shares The Aftermath Of Husband, Ladd’s Run-In With A Wayward Bovine In Her Recent Instagram Post

On Friday, June 17, Ree Drummond shared a video of her husband, Ladd, petting a few of the couple’s dogs. It looks like a regular day at the Drummond ranch at first. However, we soon learn there is quite a bit more than meets the eye going on behind the scenes of this Insta clip.

“Ladd gave the cow two choices,” Ree Drummond shares in her recent Insta post.

“Turn around and join the other cows,” the food expert explains. “or run him over.”

“She chose the latter,” Drummond quips in the social media post. The video starts with a glimpse of Ladd – clad in a short-sleeved button-down shirt, blue jeans, and a cowboy hat – kneeling down to greet a trio of pups.

We hear Ree Drummond ask Ladd how his day was, while the rancher shoots his wife a knowing smirk. “It was good,” Ladd responds.

Ree responds by asking her husband: “You sure about that?” as the video pans toward Ladd’s back, revealing a big rip in the back of Ladd’s shirt; and a big scratch on his back.

“What happened back here?” the Pioneer Woman asks her husband. Ladd then reveals to his wife that a cow knocked him down.

“I was like a turtle on my back,” the rancher jokes.

“My back doesn’t hurt,” he adds. “She stepped on my leg, it hurts.”

Drummond finishes the message on the post with a comment about her husband’s leg and then a hilarious “Moo!”

The Drummonds May Be Downsizing, But They Will Never Give Up the Ranch Life!

Recently, Ree Drummond and her husband revealed that they moved out of their large Pawhuska Oklahoma home. However, the move wasn’t a major one, since the couple has just settled in next door. This brand-new home is smaller than the old house, giving the couple a new start on their land as they prepare to become “empty nesters.”

“It wasn’t a charming 50-year-old house,” Ree Drummond has said about the couple’s old home.

“We loved raising our kids in the house,” the Pioneer Woman says.

“But it had foundation problems and had developed a few problems that were going to be pretty overwhelming to fix,” the Food Network star continues.

“We wound up building a small house right next to our regular house over the past year,” Ree Drummond says of the new and updated smaller home.

“And we moved into it in December,” the mom of five explains of her new digs. “It’s very comfortable!”

While they may lack the square footage, Ree Drummond says not worrying about the extra space and damage makes up for it. “It’s very comfortable,” she said of her new digs.