WATCH: ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Spots Paige and Rusty Relaxing After ‘Hard Morning of Ranch Work’

by Leanne Stahulak

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond captured a beautiful video earlier today of her youngest daughter Paige snuggling with one of the family’s basset hounds, Rusty.

Paige recently graduated from the University of Arkansas, and now she’s back on the Drummond Ranch. From the looks of her mom’s Instagram posts, Paige has been busy helping out around the ranch and getting her hands dirty.

But everyone needs a break every now and then, and the “Pioneer Woman” just happened to catch Paige’s break on camera. We see Ree Drummond peeking through the widow at Paige and Rusty lying together on a lawn chair. Rusty’s got his eyes closed, and he’s snoozing contently while Paige holds him. To fit the mood of the video, Ree paired it with Wynonna Judd’s “I Just Drove By.”

“Paige and Rusty after a long, hard morning of ranch work,” she wrote in her caption earlier. “Sweet buddies.”

The “Pioneer Woman” is proud to see her daughter out and about on the ranch, though. Earlier this week, she posted another sneaky photo of Paige. Only this time, Paige was standing with a group of cowboys and wranglers, wearing riding chaps over her work jeans.

“That’s my daughter right there,” Ree Drummond wrote, along with the strong arm emoji. Several other women commented on the photo as well, saying things like “That’s right!!” and “We love to see it!” and “Nothing better! Our girls are just a little shorter still.”

Other fans of the “Pioneer Woman” commented as well. “I love that she just gets in with all the guys. Way to go, Paige!” one fan said. Another put in, “This could be an add for #wranglers!!”

See the post for yourself below.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares How Her Husband Got Run Over By a Cow

Ranch life has its fair share of danger, and “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond knows that better than anyone. Earlier this week, she shared how her husband Ladd got run over by a cow.

“Ladd gave the cow two choices: Turn around and join the other cows, or run him over. She chose the latter. (You should see his leg…) Moo!” Drummond wrote in her caption. She provided a little more context in the video she posted.

We see Ladd petting the dogs on their porch at the start of the video as Ree asks how his day was.  “It was good,” Ladd replied. As Ree pans the camera around to his back, we see a chunk of his shirt missing a big long scratch on his back.

“What happened back here?” Ree asked. Ladd explained how a cow knocked him down and ran him over, saying, “I was like a turtle on my back.”

He confirmed that his back didn’t hurt, but his leg does. “You need some Neosporin back here, sir,” Ree chided him. See the injury for yourself below.