WATCH: Ron Howard Enjoys Sweet Time with Young Granddaughter ‘While It Lasts’

by Emily Morgan

Ron Howard may be one of Hollywood’s most prolific directors, but that doesn’t keep him from making time for what matters most. The former child star turned director did precisely that when he posted about spending time with his sweet granddaughter. 

On Wednesday, the former “Happy Days” star posted on Twitter about spending time with his granddaughter, Aspen. “Got a granddaughter who likes skip. Experience tells me to enjoy it while it lasts!” he wrote alongside a clip of the pair sweetly skipping down the street. 

His followers were quick to point out an interesting comparison in the replies. “It’s so sweet to see you playing with your granddaughter. Plus you have alot of experience skipping,” they wrote, hinting at Howard’s time playing Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show.” Someone else simply wrote, “Wow such precious moments.”

Ron Howard first became famous in the entertainment industry as a child actor in the 1960s, and later, when he played Richie Cunningham on “Happy Days” in the ’70s. Later in life, he transitioned from actor to award-winning director. He’s since spearheaded blockbuster movies such as Apollo 13The Da Vinci CodeFrost/NixonA Beautiful Mind, and Rush.

Although his name is associated with these significant movies, he’s also known for working on passion projects. Currently, the director just finished working on a documentary. The 68-year-old was in partnership with Imagine Entertainment and National Geographic Documentary Films to produce the documentary, We Feed People, now available to stream on Disney+. 

Ron Howard’s new documentary sheds light on celebrity chef’s organization

The new documentary will look at celebrity chef José Andrés’ disaster relief organization, World Central Kitchen. Their volunteers cook for tens of thousands of people after natural and human-made disasters. For instance, the organization has cooked over 70 million meals and is now working for people in Ukraine. 

For Ron Howard, who has decades of experience working on films, it’s a brand new experience. 

​”You can be more direct about the way you get at the narrative,” Ron Howard said in a recent interview about the new documentary. “You can use people’s voice-overs in a way that is more difficult with scripted material. You have to find a way to use the editing, the shots, the music to try to convey a feeling, given that you weren’t able to go out and stage scenes.”

Andrés, the Spanish-born chef, traveled to Ukraine earlier this year after Vladimir Putin’s Russia invaded the country. As he always does in disaster situations, Andrés brought his own army of World Central Kitchen chefs to help feed people. Currently, they’re making about 380,000 meals a day.

“At the end, the only good thing about it is that the best of humanity seems to always show up in the worst of humanity,” Andrés said, per the Chicago Sun Times.