WATCH: ‘Tulsa King’ Star Sylvester Stallone Spends Day at the Oklahoma Cowboy Museum With Daughter Sophia

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to getting into the spirit of a role, then we have to give it up a bit to Sylvester Stallone of Tulsa King. On his Instagram account on Monday, Stallone shared a video as well as photos from a tour of the Oklahoma Cowboy Museum. He was not alone as his daughter Sophia was along for the fun. She also happened to have her camera phone with her and got this cool video. Stallone thought he’d try on some cowboy hats, and, well, it looks like he found one. But for a big movie star like him, a regular cowboy hat wasn’t going to cut it. Take a look as he makes his final selection and shares some words about it, too.

Stallone fans were effusive with their happiness and praise for the star’s look. If you didn’t know, then Tulsa King is coming on board the Paramount Plus schedule this next season. We will see Stallone play Dwight “The General” Manfredi there and it’ll be cool to see him regularly on TV.

Sylvester Stallone Once Called Al Pacino ‘Best Actor In The World’

While there are Sylvester Stallone fans who think he’s one of the best actors in show business, he actually has thought about who is the best in the world. Who would get that honor from him? None other than Al Pacino. Here’s what Stallone said about the famed actor. “Having lunch with the best actor in the world!” he wrote. In the post, he shared a picture one publication had of Rocky Balboa and Tony Montana sharing a pizza. Of course, those are two iconic roles Stallone and Pacino made their own.

A while back, Stallone talked about his decade-long feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Talk about two alpha males right there. Well, he was asked in the interview with Variety if that feud was real. Stallone would say yes, it was, and he shared a story about him throwing a bucket of flowers in Schwarzenegger’s direction. Both men were at the Golden Globes one year and the entire situation set Stallone off. Apparently, The Terminator was acting a little bit too snobby for Rocky. But in the end, though, both men have become close friends. That’s cool because both actors have a lot of fans. Maybe, some of them also watch both men’s movies as well. When it comes to big box-office draws, then you cannot get any bigger than Stallone and Schwarzenegger.

With Tulsa King being set in Oklahoma, Stallone has been making the rounds in the state itself. We are talking about appearances in other towns. For instance, he showed up for the NHRA finals in Oklahoma City back in June.