Who Were Ray Liotta’s Children?

by Taylor Cunningham

With news of Ray Liotta’s passing, fans and friends are celebrating his life, and among his most prized achievements is his family, but did the late star have children during his life?

The Goodfellow’s star only had one child—daughter Karsen Liotta. Ray shares Karsen with his former wife, Michelle Grace.

Karsen’s parents met and hit it off at a baseball game in the mid-90s. And they married in February of 1997. Though their relationship only lasted a few years, they had Karsen on December 21st, 1998.

Ray and Michelle’s marriage ended in 2004, when their daughter was six years old. But her relationship with both parents remained strong and she eventually followed in their footsteps by going into show business at a young age.

As a child, Karen Liotta prepared for life in the limelight by taking singing, acting, and dancing classes. And while she was still in school, she performed in the theater.

Ray Liotta’s Daughter Enjoys a Busy Acting and Modeling Career

At 14, she began a busy career in modeling. Her first high-profile gig was with Brandy Melville, which is a US apparel brand geared towards teens. Though she had already made a name for herself in the industry, it took her a year for the brand to officially hire her full time.

But since gaining attention with her Brandy Melville work, Ray Liotta’s daughter has had a successful modeling career. Starting in 2013, Karsen earned several commercial contracts with various makeup lines and clothing companies. And all the while, she continued to be a strong face for Melville until 2017.

Though she had a contract with the brand, she also signed a side deal with the famed Ford Modeling Agency in 2015. Through them, she began strolling the New York catwalks. And she landed herself in several national fashion and beauty magazines.

In June 2015, Karsen even gave a cover interview for Teen Vogue. And in it, she talked about her love of both modeling and acting.

Karsen Liotta also showed up in a few pages of Flaunt Magazine one year later. And that same year, she shot a fashion expose for Glamour Mexico. Her name is also tied to the Chanel US Beauty promotion, “We Love Coco.”

While juggling her highly successful modeling career, Karsen also started an acting career. And she credits Ray Liotta for her continued efforts in the craft.

“He taught me to do my homework, to always practice. That’s how you get where you want to be,” she shared during her Teen Vogue interview.

Karsen starred in her first film when she was two years old. In A Rumor of Angels, she appeared as the younger version of James. Following that, she worked in short films such as Prettyface alongside Patrick Schwarzenegger. She earned her first recurring role in a series in 2018 when she played Anna Kate Wozniak in Shades of Blue. And more recently, Karsen starred as Barb in the Netflix original Hubie Halloween with Adam Sandler.

Once she graduated high school in 2016, she skipped college and went straight into modeling and film. And she plans on keeping on that path for the foreseeable future. As for her personal life, Karsen Liotta has opted to stay away from the headlines. She enjoys a private life at home in California.