Why Betty White and Bob Saget Were Snubbed in This Year’s Memoriams

by Alex Falls

Betty White and Bob Saget were both pioneers in the world of comedy. White is best remembered for her stints in Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Meanwhile, Saget made countless fans laugh in Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Both comedy icons tragically passed away this year. Tributes and memorials poured in from friends and fans from all over. Loving tributes flooded social media. But oddly since their deaths both titans have been missing from several In Memoriam segments during top awards shows.

White was noticeably missing during the In Memoriam segment of the 2022 BAFTA Awards, the British equivalent of the Acadamy Awards. Saget on the other hand was missing from this year’s Oscar ceremony. Both ceremonies are huge events in the entertainment world. Yet somehow they both made huge oversights in these comedy ommissions.

Betty White

Although White is best remembered for her numerous roles on TV, she also had an impressive resume of film roles. This makes her absence during the BAFTA broadcast all that much more confusing. BAFTA’s official website site does define the limitations they work with when constructing the In Memoriam segment.

“Due to the number of people we would like to recognize at any one time and the limited time in which we have to do so, individuals may be featured in a television broadcast only once. Decisions as to who is selected for inclusion are made by BAFTA’s Obituaries Committee, which considers over 200 names a year.”

Unfortunately, White did not make the cut for the list of 200 names BAFTA selected for their In Memoriam segment. Many fans were quick to note what they felt was a major snub, regardless of White’s status as a TV star.

The 2022 Acadamy Awards In Memoriam segment did include White. But the Oscars snubbed Saget from their list of honorees.

Bob Saget

Like Betty White, Saget’s best remembered for his television roles. Most notably as Danny Tanner in Full House. Additionally, he spent years as a stand-up comedian notorious for his vulgar musings.

But Saget also had many roles in film. Moreover, he wrote and directed the cult classic Dirty Work, starring the also recently departed Norm MacDonald. The film isn’t exactly Oscar-fare, but fans love it. Many of whom felt bothered by the comedian’s absence from the broadcast.

Saget was also missing from the In Memoriam segment for the 2022 Tony Awards. Longtime friend and costar, John Stamos, called it a disappointment that Saget wasn’t in the segment and believed Saget made notable contributions to the world of theater.

The Emmy’s will air its broadcast in September celebrating the year’s achievements in television. Surely, the Emmys will honor these two fallen comedy icons and their endless television memories.