William Shatner Slams ‘Annoying Dude’ Elon Musk: What He Said

by Samantha Whidden

Never one to hold back on sharing his true opinion of others, Star Trek icon William Shatner calls out SpaceX founder Elon Musk and referred to the billionaire as a “supervillain” and an “annoying dude.”

During a recent appearance on the hit TV talk show The Daily Show, William Shatner ripped into Elon Musk during The Daily Showography of Elon Musk segment. “He’s part Thomas Edison, part Iron Man, part annoying dude in the group chat, and he’s anything but your standard CEO,” Shatner declared. 

William Shatner also described Musk in other ways as well. “[Musk] is a supervillain,” Shatner continued. “Yes, he’s the Technoking – as a joke. And soon, we’ll all be his serfs, but in a funny way.”

As he continued to make fun of Musk, William Shatner also described the billionaire’s “typical” youth. “[He was a young kid] who overcame many hardships, although, unlike other South African celebrities, he didn’t make his childhood into a whole thing,” Shatner joked. “Like so many tech entrepreneurs, he earned his unimaginable wealth by doing something invaluable to society. Selling a start-up you’ve never heard of to a company that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Meanwhile, William Shatner recalled how Musk went through a “midlife crisis” in his 20s and crashed his “supercar,” which was around the time he began his own record label. That’s when he released EDM music. “A banger all the more impressive considering Musk had clearly never heard music before,” Shatner declared. “Yes, Elon Musk refuses to stay in his lane, much like a Tesla on auto-pilot.” 

William Shatner Continues to Roast Elon Musk During His Appearance on ‘The Daily Show’ 

Meanwhile, William Shatner spoke about how Elon Musk is now utilizing Twitter to make the world a better place… Without really doing much of anything. 

“And when a Thai soccer team was struck in a cave, Elon even promised to rescue those kids,” William Shatner dramatically explained. “From the guy who rescued them! That’s why Musk is such a champion of free speech. If you can’t randomly accuse someone who’s saving people’s lives of being a ‘redo guy,’ does civil discourse even exist?” 

The comments made during the latest episode of The Daily Show are a far cry from what William Shatner previously said about Elon Musk. While speaking to the Daily Beast last year, William Shatner described Musk as a brave sound obviously a genius. “He’s admirable in the way some of those old titans were who founded the railroads and all those things.”

However, William Shatner did disagree with a few things that Musk was doing. “I think that his idea of going to Mars in lieu of making the world green again is silly. Rather, he should, in my opinion, be devoting all those extraneous abilities to cleaning up the world.”