‘Wizard of Oz’ Returns to Theaters to Celebrate Judy Garland’s 100th Birthday

by Shelby Scott

June 10th marks “Wizard of Oz” icon Judy Garland’s 100th birthday. And now, in honor of the actress’s centennial celebration, the classic film will soon make a return to the big screen.

According to Fox News, various theaters across the United States will be participating in the Judy Garland celebration. The milestone event is the result of a partnership between Fathom Events and Warner Bros. For reference, Fathom Events is an entertainment content provider owned by the film industry’s renowned brands: AMC, Regal, and Cinemark.

As per the outlet, about 800 U.S. movie theaters will participate in the “Wizard of Oz’s” return. Additionally, each theater will run its own limited-time screenings. The “Wizard of Oz” saw Judy Garland make a return to the big screen on Monday, June 6th. The event began just days before her centennial birthday.

“Wizard of Oz” lovers should head to Fathom Events’ website for more details. Look for the page, “Wizard of Oz: Judy Garland 100 Years Over the Rainbow.” There, you’ll be able to see which theaters near you are participating in the limited-time event.

Given the limited number of locations showing the Judy Garland celebration, fans might not be able to catch the occasion in theaters. If that happens to be the case, the outlet encouraged fans to check out local independently-owned movie theaters, drive-ins, and community centers.

The Rediscovery of Dorothy’s Dress Shoves Judy Garland Back in the Spotlight

The “Wizard of Oz” made its debut in the early 20th century. We first met Dorothy Gale as Judy Garland took to the big screen in 1939. Garland passed just 30 years after obtaining her iconic role at just 47 years old. Nevertheless, she remains a cinematic legend. While Garland held other prominent roles throughout her career, she is most remembered for her role in the “Wizard of Oz.”

That said, the late actress found her way back to the spotlight years beyond her death following the rediscovery of her character’s dress.

As per Fox News, The Catholic University of America rediscovered the iconic blue-and-white gingham dress in July 2021. Prior to its rediscovery, the dress had long been missing. And now, there’s an ongoing debate surrounding who the rightful owners might be.

Upon rediscovering the garment, the outlet states authorities at the university attempted to auction off the dress. They planned to utilize Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers. The sale reportedly came to a halt, however, when a judge intervened until the rightful owner could be decided.

Following its 1939 premiere, the “Wizard of Oz” saw rapid success. Immediately following its release, the outlet reports the musical received five Academy Awards for Best Original Score, Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Production Design. Additionally, the musical amassed more than $25.6 million in global ticket sales.