Woman Whose Home Was Destroyed in Anne Heche’s Car Crash Speaks Out After Her Death

by Craig Garrett

Lynne Mishele, whose house was destroyed in the tragic car crash involving the late Anne Heche, is providing support to the actress’ family. This is following the news of Heche’s death earlier today. Mishele posted a video on her Instagram for her business account, Creative Organization. In the clip, she said the news of Heche’s death is “devastating.” She goes on to give her condolences to Heche’s friends and family, noting “her children specifically.”

“[The family has] really have suffered a great loss and my heart goes out for them,” She goes on to say in the clip “This entire situation is tragic and there really are just no words.” She ends the video about Anne Heche’s passing by saying, “I’m sending love to everybody involved.”

Yesterday, Lynne Mishele also posted on her Instagram about the shocking accident. Michele was touched by the outpouring of support after the destruction of her rental home.

“It’s obviously been the most insane, traumatic time, confusing … eventually [I’ll] try to get back to everybody and try to read everybody’s comments,” Mishele said in the post. “Thank you everybody from the bottom of my heart. It’s really truly overwhelming. You guys really have impacted my life in a really profound way so thank you so much and I will keep you updated.”

The home renter was at the scene during Anne Heche’s car crash 

Mishele was present at her Mar Vista home, which is owned by Jennifer Durand when Anne Heche crashed her car into it last Friday. Mishele’s lawyer released a statement to People about the accident involving Anne Heche. “Ms. Mishele is devastated by what happened to her on Friday,” she said. “Not only because she and her pets almost lost their lives, but because all of her property, including items of profound sentimental value, were destroyed. She asks for privacy at this incredibly difficult time.”

Lynn Bernstein, a neighbor that witnessed the incident, also spoke to People about what she saw. According to Bernstein, Anne Heche’s vehicle went “almost all the way through” the home, and “almost immediately” was in flames.

The homeowner learned of Anne Heche’s accident through her renter, Mishele. “When I arrived, we hugged and cried a lot,” she told People. “In that moment, I was just so relieved and grateful that she and her animals had survived this. Nothing could have prepared me for what the house looked like,” she said.

The homeowners established a GoFundMe account to assist Mishele cover the loss of “the place she loves” and the majority of her belongings after the accident. The homeowners also urged the public to support her business, Creative Organization on social media. To date, the GoFundMe page has raised more than $151,000.