Woody Harrelson In Talks To Land New Musical Comedy Role

by Shelby Scott

A few weeks ago, Netflix users met longtime actor Woody Harrelson in his newest role as The Man From Toronto. Starring alongside actor and comedian Kevin Hart, the action comedy saw Harrelson playing a ruthless hitman. Throughout the film, with Hart’s character’s help, The Man From Toronto later reforms and is able to pursue his dreams as a chef. Now though, Harrelson is in talks to star in Lionsgate’s upcoming yacht rock musical comedy, Sailing.

Harrelson’s film resumé varies widely. Over the course of his career, he has starred in everything from Netflix’s 2016 dramatic comedy The Edge of Seventeen to the Highway Men (2019) alongside Yellowstone icon Kevin Costner. That’s just the beginning though. Comparatively, The Hollywood Reporter states Sailing will see Harrelson as a member of a group of 1970s musicians. The plot sees the group in the midst of discovering the sounds and lifestyle of yacht rock. Per the outlet, the music genre saw its heydey on FM radio at that time.

In speaking about the upcoming musical comedy, Lionsgate’s president of production Erin Westerman said, “We’re thrilled to be working with Jeremy [Plager], Jonathan [Levine], Gillian [Bohrer], Chris [D’Arienzo], and Woody [Harrelson].”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, D’Arienzo sold the pitch for Sailing with Plager. Plager will also produce the upcoming project alongside Levine, Bohrer, and Harrelson.

Westerman further stated, “we’re confident that [Sailing] will not only have a phenomenal soundtrack, but it will also put you in a summertime mood.”

Woody Harrelson’s ‘The Man From Toronoto’ Saw Massive Success on Netflix Following Its Debut

Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart made their Netflix debut in The Man From Toronto at the end of June. Immediately following its premiere, it shot to No. 1 in the streaming platform’s Top 10 list. In fact, the movie was so successful upon release, it topped both Spiderhead, starring the MCU’s Chris Hemsworth, and Hustle starring longtime actor and comedian Adam Sandler.

Interestingly, Woody Harrelson wasn’t originally cast to play The Man From Toronto. Kevin Hart filled the role of Teddy Nilson, the doting yet ridiculous husband striving to surprise his wife on her birthday. However, Hart initially would have starred alongside action movie hallmark Jason Statham.

Film buffs know Statham for a multitude of badass roles in films like the Fast & Furious, The Expendables, and more. However, Statham became replaced when issues arose in relation to the Netflix film’s screenplay. Now, weeks following The Man From Toronto’s premiere, we couldn’t picture anyone but Woody Harrelson filling the role of the film’s hitman.

Aside from Sailing and his latest Netflix film, Woody Harrelson also features in a handful of other upcoming projects. Over on HBO, the actor will star in the upcoming limited series, The White House Plumbers. In addition, Harrelson will later star in another new series, The Most Dangerous Man in America. In contrast with The Man From Toronto, both upcoming series are based on true stories.