Writer Behind Nicole Kidman’s Viral AMC Ad Opens Up About Vin Diesel’s Version

by Joe Rutland

When it came time to bring moviegoers back into theaters, AMC Theaters decided to get a little star power in Nicole Kidman. Thanks to the magic of screenwriter Billy Ray, Kidman found herself at the center of a good mix. The actress was asked to take part in producing a spot that would bring the movie experience alive. What AMC or Kidman didn’t expect to happen is having those people in the theater fall in love with the spot.

But they have and they have even been known to recite the spot’s lines when it aired in theaters. Well, actor Vin Diesel decided to do his own version of this spot. It was airing ahead of a showing of his movie F9, part of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Sadly, it did not catch on like Kidman’s spot. Why not? “Because he’s not Nicole,” Ray said in an interview with Variety. “You cannot overstate the power of movie stars. They just matter.”

Nicole Kidman Brings Star Power To AMC Theaters Spot

The whole spot has become quite a “thing” currently. In fact, one line in the AMC spot appears to be getting a lot of traction out there. Kidman says, “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.” Of course, she’s referring to movie theaters themselves. At one point, AMC attempted to shorten the spot itself. Fans reportedly got upset. So much so that some reportedly went over to Change.org and put up a petition to keep the spot as is.

In the interview with Variety, Ray talked about what he was presented with regarding the concept of this ad from AMC. “That it was basically going to be Nicole looking amazing and walking into a movie theater,” he said. “I knew the idea had to be welcoming people back to the cinematic experience after too much time away.” Ray also was asked what types of movies led to him coming up with that iconic line. “Too many of them,” he said. “It’s an experience that I’ve had so many times, and I’ve seen the people I care about have so many times.”

When asked why this ad resonated so well with people, Ray had an answer for that, too. “Because people need movie stars,” he said. “And people need movies. And they didn’t realize how much they missed those two things until they got to go back. Something about Nicole as a representative of that. She’s such a pure movie star. God, that was a good idea to put her in the spot. My hat is off to AMC.” Now, fans of this spot will be welcome to know that another one is in the works.