Peter Dinklage Slams Cancel Culture After Portraying Late ‘Fantasty Island’ Star Herve Villechaize

by Matthew Wilson

“Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage is calling out cancel culture. Some have criticized the actor for portraying late “Fantasy Island” star Herve Villechaize. Dinklage portrayed the actor, who also had a form of dwarfism, in the 2018 film “My Dinner With Herve.”

Some mistakenly believed Villechaize was of Asian descent and called out Dinklage, who’s white, for portraying the actor. But Dinklage corrected his critics, pointing out the late sitcom star was actually French. Additionally, Dinklage pointed out the dangers of cancel culture and jumping to conclusions.

“Everyone started being a little critical,” Dinklage said, according to Fox News.

Villechaize became known for his roles on “Fantasy Island” and later also starred in the James Bond film “The Man With the Golden Gun.” He died at age 50 in 1993. Dinklage said dwarfism affected the actor’s features.

“I think people have to be very careful,” Dinklage said. “In trying to be politically correct, they were politically wrong. People who were trying to be politically correct judged Herve because of how he looked. Herve was not Filipino, he had a form of dwarfism that gave him a certain outward appearance. Herve Villechaize was French.”

Peter Dinklage on Politcal Correctness

Likewise, Dinklage said he spoke with Villechaize’s brother before portraying the role. The two pointed out the hypocrisy of misidentifying Villechaize in the name of trying to be “politically correct.”

“Until you sit down with the brother of the man who you’re playing, who is not Filipino, who’s French, and have a laugh about how crazy the world is in assuming because of how someone looks, they judge of what they must be, and here we are making a movie all about judging how you look,” Dinklage said.

“But people who thought they were doing the right thing were doing the exact same thing. We had a few laughs about that.”

Other Stars Blast Cancel Culture

Peter Dinklage wouldn’t be the first star in Hollywood to rail against cancel culture. For instance, “Dukes of Hazzard” star recently shared his views on the issue. “Cancel culture is very short-sighted, and it’s very much against everything I believe in concerning freedom of speech and freedom of expression.”

Schneider was against censoring the General Lee flag. Some people wanted the flag to be digitally edited out of future re-runs of the classic series. He continued: “I’m looking forward to the day when the wind finally comes out of the sails of all that nonsense.”

Meanwhile, comedian Chris Kattan believes it’s a sign of times changing. “If you want to do something funny, you can’t be outrageous anymore,” he said. “You do have to be careful, but I think family-friendly is the way to go right now. And that’s the kind of humor I like anyway. And that’s the humor I like doing.”